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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Helpful friend

Good evening everyone :)
  Im sorry for not replying to anyones comments at the moment, i will get around to doing that once i can... whether i do it in an hours time (unlikely) or in 2 days... i'll see :)

Today, i had planned to be super productive, but it feels like all ive done is sit infront of a computer and keep repeating to myself that i should be doing something productive. Hahahah... so during my time of thinking im doing something important but not actually,one of my friends calls and says she needs some help.
   I've mentioned before that my friend has been going through some tough times at the moment so how often we meet varies. 

But when she called and asked for help i decided that i might aswell, i wasnt getting anything done at home so i might as well bring my computer and school books to her place and sit and study there and help her at the same time.
   Im the type of person who... well first off, you need to call me like 5 times before i answer because i always seeem to misplace my phone or do other things and say i will call back but forget (yup, that awful friend.) But also... im the type of friend who if you need help i will come carrying cola and chocolate, or wine and cigarettes if thats the case. I will be there to listen and help as much as i can. Hahah, a little ego boost. But i consider myself a very loyal and helpful friend, someone you can trust ;);)

So i travelled to her place and was there for a while and got some studying done and even answered some emails (You might have noticed that i have been super quick to answer this weekend? Yup, i thank my new computer for that :) Though ive told myself i wont open my blog with that computer or other blogs because then i will just get distracted. But emailing is ok :)) 
We then shared some cola & nuts and just talked before i then felt it was getting too late and that i had helped her with her problem! :)

It felt good to leave the house as well... its not good to just sit inside all day. Even if i was just sitting somewhere else, atleast i had left the house ;) 

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week... including a maths test tomorrow, and another test on Tuesday -_- But once they are over..... well then its just to focus on my next test, hahah! But a little more room to focus on other things anyway :)


  1. today i was as the mall a woman whom was clearly very sick. her leg was her bone and seeing her really bothered me.... I really wished i could just go up to her and tell her that she is worth life and nourishment and health and happiness ( i hate to assume she was anorexic, but i'm nearly positive ). But I know the brain of someone like that and its so hard to hear something like that. I really hope she makes it.. sorry just rambling but it really bothered me.... it makes me have a hard time even fathoming the thought of a relapse

    1. I completely understand, i find it hard to see someone, who i presume is anorexic. Its like i want to go up to the them and just hug them, tell them that everything will be ok, but that thye need to keep fighting. Be stronger than the eating disorder. It's hard to see people who have an eating disorder because i just want to help, but feel so helpless.
      But you can't help everyone, at times you can only help yourself. So making sure that you are healthy is a good step!