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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting things done

Something which is unavoidable during school term is Homework and long days. Something which ive always hated is homework.... ive never really understood the point of it? It just adds to stress and to do lists. Many people just skip homework as they dont see the point of it, dont want to or have time to do it. Me... i rush through homework, just getting it over and done with, but never really taking the time to learn that extra or put that extra bit of effort into it. Some teachers look at homework, others dont.... but its always when you dont have your homework with you or decided to not do it, that the teacher wants to collect the homework. (I sound like im 5 years old when i talk about homework!)

^^This is quite literally how my maths homework is at the moment

This morning i got ready and came to school 30 minutes before my first lesson so that i could sit and do my maths homework though i soon realised that 30 minutes really wasnt enough. So i then decided that after school i would sit for an hour or so and finish some other homework as well as my maths. And i sat 45 minutes after school and wanted to sit longer however the corridor doors were starting to close, the students had pretty much all left and it was silent in the halls. I was a little worried that i would get locked in or that the door to the lockers would be locked so i packed my things and got my bag and left.
At the moment i feel that i cant study at home.... i dont feel the motivation, instead i just want to lie in bed. Relax and rest. And thats ok. Infact i like it this way... coming home and knowing that my work for the day is done. I dont need to do any studying.
   For me i am most productive in school, thats when i dont get distracted by my blog, instagram or anythign else. Then i can focus on my work, so i think that will be my school tactic this year (the same as last year. -> Using my breaks to study and sitting in school after my lessons to get my work done.)
   Thats what works for me!

The most important thing when it comes to studying is to find what works for you.... many find that they can study better when its quite and they are in their room or maybe at the kitchen table. Others find they study better in a library or with a group of people etc etc
  Find what works for you and you should get better results with studying!!!!

For me, when i do assignments and essays i need to spend 3-5 intense days working on just that assignment, then get feedback, do some editing and then be finished c.a 2-7 days before the deadline! Whilst many of my friends do the essay the day of the deadline... that seems to work for them? Though i have no idea what their grades are... but it seems to work, hahaha! :)

Do you have any good studying tips you want to share? :)


  1. What a coincidence, I don't like homework either! (*JOKE* who enjoys homework?)I don't always hate it, most of the time I just put up with it.When I study it needs to quiet, haha! In my school I had only 6 people in my class,we were pretty close.Sometimes I would do homework on my own at home.But a lot of times we'd just decide everyone gets a part and then we combine all of. It's really fast and works well.I don't recommend it for subjects that are important to you but if the subject isn't that important then I guess you can do it.Of course it's better to do your own work. It's you who's working for your future. Just see if it's worth it.Of course I do not promote copying someone's work (especially without them being ok with it) or skipping homework. Just see what works for you :)
    Study tips?Maybe having snacks? Haha!Also, if you have lots of homework take breaks.I'd take a break every 30-40 min but whatever works for you :) go for a walk for fresh air or get a snack to keep you thinking,cuddle with your pet or just close your eyes and breathe.

  2. i would like to sleep at 10.30 pm and then wake up to study at 4 am. I just like to study while hearing the bird singing and the quietness at the moment. i also like to study at school after everybody went home for like 2 hours (luckily my school start at 8 and finishes at 2.45, but we still have evening class literally ends at 5, so nobody get lock up haha) it really works for me. by the time i arrived my home, i have nothing to worry about and just rest and relax or watching tv with no guilt!