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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Film snacks

I got asked if i could make a list of some film snacks (either at home or for the cinema) which you can eat!!
  I am just going to make a list and then i guess you can figure out whether you can bring them to the cinema or not :) hahah

Popcorn!!! A must for the cinema/a movie, or is that only me? You can either buy popcorn in a bag or microwave popcorn or if you have a popcorn machine, pop your own with kernals :) Can add salt/butter/coconut oil & cinnamon/ etc etc

Sweetpotatoe/potatoe/root fruit chips Slice your vegetables thinly, put on a baking sheet, add some oil and salt and seasoning, into the oven for 30-45minutes and there you have some delicious chips!!

Chips!! -> Buy in a bag! (Pringles are my favourite :))

Roasted chickpeas - Sounds weird, but super delicious. Puit chickpeas on baking paper, add seasoning and some oil, into the oven for 20-30 minutes! (or less... Google for actual recipe!)

Goji berries/dried banana chips/dried fruit and nuts - Easy to buy or have in a bowl at home! Easy to bring with you as well and super delicious!

Chocolate covered nuts/dried fruit! Either buy in a shop or make your own :)

Make your own white chocolate covered nuts/chocolate dipped berries/white chocolate muslie tops

Make your own banana, PB and chocolate 'sandwiches'. slice banana (or use apple) thinly, put PB on one banana slice, put another banana slice on top (do this for all slices), put into the freezer and later dip into chocolate!

Make your own PB cups (google for recipe - super easy!)

Fruit or fruit salad!

Grilled banana

Mini pancakes

Granola or cereal!! Is it just me or do any of you like eating cereal right out of the box? :) I think its delicious!

Cookies!! You can make mini cookies (mmm... i want some now!)

Questbar/raw food bar/atkins bar/other bar

Oat & chocolate balls

Home made raw food balls/bars

Smoothies/milk shakes


Almonds or cashews/chocolate covered almonds/cashews

Grapes/frozen grapes

Rice cakes/chocolate covered rice cakes

Home made mini cinnamon rolls

Mini raisin boxes


Home made granola (eat just on its own 'cus its suepr delicious :))

Carrot/veggie sticks with Hummous

Taco chips/ make your own taco chips with guacamole

^^^So many snack ideas :) hahahah Hopefully that helps anyway :) :)

If YOU have any suggestions just comment :)


  1. What sort of things do you season your chickpeas with? :)

    1. Chilli and paprika are my favoure (and i use coconut oil!) but just plain old salt is delicious as well :)