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Friday, September 12, 2014

Daisy's birthday and a surprise for me!

Today is Daisy's 6th birthday... My gosh, she is getting so old!! :) I remember when she was just a puppy!

^My pink hair in the background

^^Bad quality, but that photo was taken the day after we bought her :) It was love at first sight, depsite the fleas :)
I could hold her in my hands and she qould fall asleep there! She was so small she couldnt even jump up onto the sofa.
 She has since then grown so much.

Such a silly dog :)

We have as a tradition that on Daisys birthday we give her some type of treat... one year it was meatball, another year it was pate, another year it was burgers and this year sausage... If im honest, i dont think it's such a good thing. Not for her stomach anyway, im sure her tastebuds love it. But we give her only a little amount... so iguess its ok :)
  A way of celebrating her, even if she doesn't know why!


After we had given Daisy her treat and she was looking super happy, suddenly my step dad comes out holding this huge box for me....
I am super confused, i thought it was some big toy for Daisy. And when i look at the package im like, Thats not a dog toy? And then i realise... its a computer. The computer i wished for my birthday. A school computer!
My mum, step dad, sister and even my dad had all chipped in to buy it for me as an early present!!!
My sister took pictures of me as i recieved the package and they are hilarious to look at... to see my expression, how it goes from confusion to happiness!!
Though i dont feel like publishing them as my family are in the pictures, and well... im not looking blog photo good ;) haha

I am SOOO happy. This will make it so much easier for me in school as almost all our school work is online and also so many essays and assignments. It will make it easier for me to just go to a library or to sit in school, and it will also make it easier for me to answer emails ;)
This computer is solely for school work and is perfect.
It was such a surprise for me as i was planning on trying to buy it for myself.. wanting to be independant, though i had asked for a little help from my mum. But she had thought it would be a good present :)
And it really is!

It was such a lovely and unexpected surprise! :)
Makes me once again thankful of what a lovely and wonderful family i have :)

For now, its time to cuddle a little extra with my dog. And to spend some time with my family, eating chocolate and figuring out my new computer :)

Have a lovely evening½!


  1. Congratulations om your computer and happy birthday to Daisy!! :))

  2. I have that same computer! I love it, I think it's great :) hope you'll like it too, have a lovely friday! :)

  3. Tell daisy I wish her a happy birthday!! And congrats on ur computer!!! :) :) :)

  4. Happy birthday Daisy!! My dogs birthday is soon too. And what a coincidence it's the same day as my little sisters birthday! Quite unusual, haha!
    Awww that's so great! So sweet of your family to arrange this :) these kind of happy moments are worth living for! :)

    1. Haha, what a coincidence :)
      Yes definitely.

  5. To the first two comments, i cant seem to reply to you :( But thank you :) And the computer seems great ;)