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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clothes sizes

Something which many people can get caught up in is the size of their clothes... they have this one size which they want to be, want to fit in in all clothes. Though that's not always the case. I remember when i first had to buy a top in M, i panicked, i didn't understand what was happening. I was a XS or S in all my clothes. In fact, i didn't buy that top just because it was a M.
   But the thing is...nobody else can see what size clothes you wear. Its only you. Just like your weight, its only you who knows it... so why care? Who cares if you are a 34 or a 38? Or even a 40 or higher... that's OK.
  Its just clothes, its important to have clothes that fit. Don't just wear something too small just because you want your clothes to have a little s on the tag, which most of the time itches you and nobody else sees.
   I can tell you, that i still have many of the clothes i had from when i was sick. Mainly because all of the clothes were too big on me then but now fit me well... feels a little strange wearing them, even if they fit so i dont wear them too often.

But also in tops and dresses i vary in size from a 32 to a 38.... that's quite a bit difference. But the stores clothes sizes vary alot.
  When it comes to jeans.. well i find it impossible to buy jeans because im so long but also have muscular legs but a lean middle section. So i usually just buy jeggings or tights :)
Don't care about the clothes size or having to change clothes size.... because like i said, most of my clothes vary alot in size, depending where i bought them. But ALSO, since ive begun strength training and seen progress with that... alot of my old clothes don't fit anymore. That can be tough at first, but i just see it as a good thing. That's progress for me.
  And when you are gaining weight from recovery, no, you're old clothes might not fit anymore.. unless you were like me and had too big clothes when you were sick. But think of all the new, better clothes you can buy. Clothes which actually sit well on you.
 Forget the number or clothes size. Instead, look at how the clothes sit on you... whether they fit or not.
  I mean you don't aim to have the smallest shoe size, so why aim to have the smallest clothes size?


  1. Thank you, this couldn't have come at a better time! :) I'm going shopping today and i always get a bit panicked looking at the sizes it's really a trigger for me again, thank you,hope you have a nice day! :)

    1. I hope the clothes shopping went well and you found something nice to wear :) Hope you have a lovely day today!

  2. I must be a very strange person.. Because I'm just the opposite of especially the last sentence!! I don't care at all about my clothes size and I don"t have problems with my legs or stomach or arms or hips or anything "normal"! But my feet.. Oh god I wish I had smaller feet! I'm a size 40, sometimes 41, and I hate buying shoes because of that! Also because I'm not even tall.. My feet is too big for my body it seems :(

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