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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Answers - eating disorders genetic

I wanted to ask you a few questions some of them not exactly related to depression. 
Does having an ED yourself put a higher risk of developing an ED on your kids? Just wondering. Because I hear that it has to do with genes too. 

 hmmm, ive heard of that before that eating disorders have to do with genes, thats why when some people diet they can end up with an eating disorder whilst others can go on low calorie diets all their life but never develop an eating disorder... whether thats true or not, im not so sure.
  THIS article talks about eating disorders and genetics.

Whether you having an eating disorder in the past (hopefully you will be recovered when you have kids), whether that affects or is passed onto your kids or not i dont know. But i know that behaviour will have alot to do with how your children feel and how they behave and think around food and body image. If you are still half sick and constantly go on diets or only have low calorie foods at home or excessively exercise or say bad things about food or your body, this will pass onto your children. That doesnt mean they will get an eating disorder, but it can affect their thoughts and body image.

For ME personally i think my children will have a really great mum (XD). I will teach them self love, to not care about the weight or scale. To hopefully not be affected by media. To have a balanced diet...The focus will of course be whole foods and home cooked meals. But buying a pizza or chocolate now and again will be no problem because i promote balance!!
  So either your kids will get a healthy and balanced message passed onto them or you will pass on your ED thoughts and behaviours... but thats up to you and how you decide to raise them/behave around them!

How long did it take you to actually recover? I know you went to several clinics and all that but that doesn't necessarily mean you were recovering which in your case was true. How long after you actually made the decision to try to recover?

I spent more than a year in different clinics (i.e from my first inpatient time, but i had spent c.a 4+ months going to a therapist and different doctors) before i decided to actually recover and from when i decided that it took about 1,5 years for me to fully recover mentally and physically :) And that time of course includes my relapse at the start of 2012.

Recovery is tough and it takes time, from when i decided to recover it was 1,5 years of fighting against the thoughts. Eating even when i didnt want to. Resting, fighting the anxiety and guilt. Facing my fear foods, stepping outside of my comfort zone and at the same time trying to start living a life again. Going back to school, trying to be normal. And over time it got easier, one day i woke up and wanted to eat granola and milk for breakfast instead of low fat yoghurt. One day I was the one who asked to buy chocolate, I was the one who wanted to go to the cinema and eat popcorn etc etc
   So it got easier over time and by the time i was declared healthy i was healthy physically and mentally which is the most important :) 



  2. Thank you for answering my questions! :) Yeah I think a parents behavior is a huge part in raising a child. YOU are their role model, YOU are the one they look up to, YOU are the one they reach out for in case of trouble. Yes, when you've had an ED you are more aware of healthy eating and a healthy life. So it can really benefit you and your kids. Of course I'm not saying you should have an ED to realize this but a lot of times people who've had these issues and have recovered are healthier than people who've never had an ED. But of course there are people who've never had an ED and are healthy and happy. And thats the important thing!
    It makes me so sad when I hear stories about a parent having an ED and then their kids see that and get an ED themselves. It doesn't have to happen but such behavior does affect a child, A LOT. But this can be your motivation to recover. To set a good example for your kids, so they can be happy and healthy too!
    I think you'll be an awesome mom! So strong, positive and kind. You will set a great example :) Also you know if your child is falling into an ED or distorted eating because you've had an ED yourself.
    When I have kids (if I have kids) I would like to set a good example. Be balanced, like you said :)

    1. Exactly right :) There was a girl at Mando when i was there and she was pregnant and i jsut felt sorry for both her and the baby... she was struggling alot and i was wondering how it would go for her. And if im honest, being pregnant when you are suffering with bad body image and barely eating enough really isnt a good combination. But hopefully she was strong enough to recover for her child!! :)
      And thank you!

  3. This turned out to be a novel...oops!

  4. Do you want to have children when you get older? How many?