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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Answer - Calories

Random question: I've read a lot about the MM method and I know you've already posted a post about it but I was wondering what you think about what they say about the 3000calories.. They say EVERYONE eats 3000calories(also normal people but they don't count the extras like butter etc etc). Do you think that's true? Do you think everybody needs this amount of calories to maintain at their healthy weight? I am in the beginning of my recovery and I'm just trying to find out what's true and what normal people do..

To start off with, i think the MM method is actually a pretty good one and that if you  are trying to recover on your own, then follow that plan/method.

About people eating c.a 3000kcal, well its very mixed. I dont think everyone eats that much but i do believe that many people eat alot more than what they think... they add mayonnaise to meals or take a handul of crisps while cooking food or nibble on something when they are preparing food. Or a caffe latte on the go etc But thats OK. Normal people do that, it doesnt mean they gain weight. Its just that they eat more then they may think. When that type of unknown/unconscious eating starts piling up, then its when people might start gaining weight without knowing it... but then they can easily stop the weight gain with being more conscious.
  But i mean even I do those types of things... i mean i eat something when i make a snack. I open the fridge, and take an egg or some tofu or some chickpeas and eat while im trying to decide what to eat. Or i take a handful of nuts just like that because i wanted something to eat... those types of things, i dont think about them as part of what i eat. My actual meals, the ones i plate up and sit down and eat are my actual meals... but i eat more than just that. I mean if i drink say 2 coffees and 4 cups of tea? (hahaha...) and add milk to all of them, those things most people dont think about. And its not something you really need to think about either. Its just for those who are in need of weightloss it might be helpful.

But then on the other side, there are MANY who dont eat as much as they can... they live off of diet food and salads, not because they have an eating disorder but because they think that once they eat anymore they will gain weight, or that they cant eat other types of food... but by doing that, they are just causing that problem. Slowing down their metabolism so that they can only eat a small amount... 

So i believe its a mixture... some eat c.a 2500+ calories a day and think they only eat 2000 whilst others think they eat 2000 whilst only eat 1300 etc

I do think that people do need more energy than they think, but then there are some who underestimate how much they eat and they have a very sedentary life and think they eat 1500 but really eat 2200 or something... but this is something i want to avoid writing about as it can be triggering for you who are in recovery.
   Because recovery isnt the same as normal... you dont follow or apply to the same rules and its important to remember that :)

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  1. Thank you for answering. Its really helpful! Xx