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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

American style night snack

This afternoon i got an sms saying that a package had arrived for me. Not sure what it could be, but super curious so i quickly put on my shoes and was out the door within a minute, excited to see what it could be!!! I'm like a little child with packages :) It's so exciting! There is a surprise factor to packages, even if you know what it is... or in this case, i didn't. Its so much fun to open the package and see what's inside :)

And in this package there was a bunch of American style food :) I received this package from a lovely reader, Olivia! It is so sweet of her and has put a HUGE smile on my face :)

   The first thing i did was to try the chocolate .- because im a chocolate lover :) And then i just couldnt wait until it was time for a night snack (dinner was just about ready so i had to wait!)

And now as im writing this post i am eating my delicious night snack which is a bagel with chocolate peanut butter and a poptart!! Reminds me of Ireland my childhood :) At times i used to eat poptarts in Ireland... my mum was never a fan of them, didn't like how produced and chemical they seemed. So rare times when we could sneak them into the basket without her knowing we would get them!
   Bagels were more commonly eaten and one of my favourite types of bread... and when i wrote on my blog a few weeks ago that you can't find bagels so much here in Sweden. Olivia emailed me and told me she wanted to send me some :) And well... i can't say no to getting some bagels sent to me!

This snack is a sensation for my taste buds... so many different tastes. Things i havent eaten in years, but i like it! Even if it has now made me sweat... (too much info? But thats what my body does when food is a little too sweet.) But i like it, i like it alot :)

^^hahah, happy selfie ;) ( there are so many of those recently... i should stop ^_^)

I hope you have all had a lovely day and remember tomorrow is Friday... (unless its already Friday where you live? :) Then you're one day closer to the weekend... if that actually means anything to you?!)


  1. I am SO happy you enjoyed it!! I agree, I can't say no to a bagel, haha! When younger we couldn't get pop tarts because they weren't imported (still aren't unfortunately and looks like won't in the near future) but now I can find them in any store! It's always been a favorite food of mine ever since I was a little kid. Noo, don't stop with the happy selfies!! I love them! :)
    Again, so happy you got the package!! :)

  2. OH MY GOSH, AMERICAN FOOD. I miss it so much! DFhskjfdhfksdfsd. So jealous. Nom. We have some in the 'international' part of the supermarket but it just isn't the same!

    1. American food... there is somethign special about it :) Though American chocolate is definitely not my thing... its just too sweet!
      Thats like the indian or chinese sections in the shop where you can buy certain types of food, but it just isnt the same as say going to a restaurant and eating that type of food, or eating it in the actual country it comes from!