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Monday, August 18, 2014

Weight gain in recovery

Weight gain in recovery is something which is quite uncontrollable. You think you can control it, but you can't really. The body does what it wants. ... you could be eating the same amount but one week gain 0,5kg the next week lose 0,5kg and the following week gain 1 kg. ... It all depends on how the body reacts. 

Some weeks your body retains water due to stress or hormones and you can gain 1-4 kg in a week just from water weight... that is often what happens in the beginning of recovery and weight gain. After that the normal amount to gain weight is 0,5-1kg.  I have had many people at the moment write to me and panic that they have gained 1 kg in a week. DONT panic. Trust me, it's ok. You shouldn't feel bad or guilty, this is just how the body behaves this week.... next week you might just gain 0,3kg even though you ate the same amount. .. or maybe you gain 1kg again next week.

 That's ok as well... your body could be stressed or just working well and absorbing the food. And that's a good thing, in recovery don't see weight gain as a bad thing.... Weight gain shouldn't go too fast i.e gaining 2kg each week because then neither your body or mental state have the time to adapt either. 
But you don't want weight gain to take forever either. ... Once you are your normal weight, choices begin to open up again. You can do more things.... Begin to love and accept your body.  Learn to live life and find a balanced way of eating, not just focusing on weight gain and worrying how you will look when yiu are your normal weight.
  A good thing to remember though is that you want your mental state to progress as well as your physical state. Recovery isn't just about weight gain... its about fighting the ED thoughts,  facing your fears. 
   Don't panic about the number on the scale or how much you gain weight. Just know that it's good that you have gained weight.  Its a positive thing and dont let your ED tell you otherwise.  Fight the guilt and know that your body behaves differently each day and week and that's not always something you can control.     

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  1. Just wanted to also add: Weighing yourself makes it so much harder! If you cut that off cold-turkey, the thoughts are quieter and quieter, I promise.

    1. Good point :) Some however need to weigh themselves to make sure they are gaining weight... but you're right, not weighing yourself at all would be better.

    2. Izzy, I have been on a weight gain meal plan. I get weighed at hospital tomorrow. Would you say it would be better for me look or not look at the number on the scale?

    3. I would avoid looking, as that might avoid getting anxiety... and the doctors/staff will take care of the weight gain.. know when you need to stop or need to eat more etc etc

  2. I know I shouldn't care about the weight gain and I know I'm not fat. But I can't help but be triggered when I see I have a little belly pooch. I know its not water weight because I've been weight restored for a while, but I also know I'm at a healthy weight and just need to keep eating. Did you ever go through a similar thing?