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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursdays work day

Soooo.... how to sum up todays workday?

Ill begin with saying that in some strange way, i love this type of work? Its strange. Most people would hate having to lify heavy things, run around all day, take orders... but i seem to do it with a smile and a few extra cups of coffee (And LOTS of biscuits -> My diet today has consisted of white bread with butter and lots of biscuits as the vegetarian foods options in my opinion werent edible).
   Its been 10 hours of lots of work and now my arms are covered in bruises and scars....and not in a good way. Infact my mum was super shocked when she saw me and almost doesnt want to let me go to school tomorrow because of the bruises -_-

Just like before its been lifting fences, concrete blocks, unscrewing nails, putting out floor/ground cover things etc etc And SO MUCH more!!
  Infact, if you are ever at a concert or a festival look at everything around and priase the hardwork that has been put in. Because its NOT easy, but i find it fun so im not complaining. Infact i was complimented by several people about how strong i was....A little ego boost right there :)

When it came to around 7.30pm they began doing the sound checks and i got this wave of nostalgia. My dad is a sound engineer and ive been at concerts since i was young. And seeing the sound engineers on stage and hearing the music, i felt this rush of happiness. My dad finds it super fun that ive been working at festivals, its like im taking after him. Though this is merely a sort of free job ;) Nothing i plan to base a career on. Though if i were to get offered a part time job as helping on festivals and concerts i wouldnt say no.
Another thing which i love about building the area around the stage etc is seeing how quickly everything goes. How a flat area can suddenly turn into a concert area, and i know ive been part of that. Helped with it. Its definitely like ive earned my ticket :)
   The tickets arent that expensive but im not even sure if any of my friends are planning on going... which sucks because the reason i worked was because i wanted to go to the concert. So we'll see.... it begins tomorrow anyway. (But first its school from 8am until 3.45pm!)


  1. Nice job girl! Did you get to get free B&J ice cream too? ;-)

  2. Do you not have to go to school on these days? Looks like much more fun than school anyway!

    1. Not on the days i was working, but on Friday i had to go to school but the artists didnt begin until 3 or 4pm anyway :)
      Hahaha and it was!

  3. Ååh så kul!!! Vill också jobba på en festival! tycker du ska åka iallafall, bjud killen du dejtade eller åk ensam! :)

    1. Jag hoppas jag ska gå idag (lördag!) det är då de bästa artisterna spelar iaf :)