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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The midnight run

Last night was definitely one of the best nights of my life!! I am the type of person who gets nervous before a race, i love running, I know I'm good at running but when it comes to races it's a completely different thing. I had butterflies in my stomach and 30 minutes before we had to stand in line i had already gone to the bathroom twice... feeling nervous!!

   In total there were c.a 45000+ people running just this one race (all divided into different groups and start times.) But there were lots of people.
   First off when we stood at the starting line we got a 5 minute warm up and then the shot gun went off and our group began running. Though it was more of a powerwalk in the beginning. Throughout the whole race my step dad and I ran together which was really nice, I was focused on running my own thinking he would be faster than me... and granted we both felt it went a little slowly due to all the people and I had to keep making sure the ground wasn't unstable in front of me, so that all slowed me down. But i wasn't running for the time anyway.
   When we came to the 3rd kilometer i was like, what i thought we had run 5 by now!!! Hahha ah.
    After the 3rd km it was LOTS of uphill and one of the hills is known for being super tough, but actually i ran up the whole thing and just kept going. Not feeling tired or breathe less at all. (Tip. When running up hill, do high, quick knees and work your arms. Looks stupid but works ;) you save lots of energy!)
It felt like during the whole race i was just  waiting to feel tired... wondering why hadn't i stopped to walk? I just kept going, smiling several times just because it was so much fun!!
 Previous years there has been more spectators but this year I felt there wasn't so many (I've only watched before and know there were lots of people watching previous years). The last km my step dad and I said we'll run fast and pretty! I.e we kicked it up a notch and the last 200 m i absaloutly sprinted... (i really hope someone has a picture of that?!) And i think I ran the last km in 4 minutes compared to the 5,5 it took me otherwise. But there were so many people that yiu had to wind your way through all of them. There were times I almost ran into people as they slowed down.
The race felt so short, I just wanted to keep going. However once i stopped running i almost fell over! Haha. We got a banana,  water and a bar. And then my step dad and I had to take ourselves home. So we ended up jogging another 3 km until my mum could pick us up!! ^-^
    Once I was home i began feeling slight pain in my knees, calves and  alittle in my ankle. This morning it's only slight knee pain but otherwise I feel fine!!! :)

It was so much fun yesterday and I am definitely going to start signing up for more races. I am so proud of myself but also because I didn't think I'd be able to run it because of my ankle and that was the worst thing about hurting my ankle.  But i did it, with no pain (apart from a little the last 2km) but that's gone today!!!
Running really is my freedom and i just want to lace up my shoes and go running again today, and every day! !! Haha.

If you enjoy running then do think about joining a race, it is so much fun!! Even if you are nervous in the beginning, it passes and its fun to really challenge yourself, i find whenever its a race i always run alot faster! :)


  1. Yay!! :) I'm so happy you accomplished this! Running in races is so fun, I agree