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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swedish school

You wanted to know a little more about swedish school so i thought i would write a little about it :)

From the age of 1-6 you can go to a sort of pre-school where kids get taught the basics i guess? I really dont know much about this stage of schooling.

When you are 6-8 years old (most kids begin when they are 8) they start in elementary school and there they go until they are around 16. There are classes 1-9. When you are in year 9 you have national tests in english, swedish, maths and science and also the grade you get in your other subjects which add up to a total of 320 (i think). After year 9 you have to apply to gymnaisum/high school which you then go to for 3 years. Each gymnaisum has different programs which will help you study subjects based on what you want to do when you are older.... I personally think its hard for a 16 year old to know what they want to do in the future, so its hard to choose a program. But there are business, economy, art, music, social science, natural science, media etc and then there are schools which have more job related programs such as film/media program, building program, hair dresser program etc etc
   I chose the social science program, though as i am best at maths and science i should have chosen natural science. However i felt that i dont want to work with maths or science, so social science would be better for me.
   Gymnasium you go to for 3 years from roughly age 16-19 and in the third year you have national tests and all that. You also do a 1 year long individual project based on your program and what you want to work with.
   In Sweden we also have points... each program has a certain amount of point for example the social science program has 2500 points (each 1 year long course for example english is worth 100 points) and as long as you pass the course you get the points. And if you read extra courses you get extra points which helps when you apply for university in Sweden, however these points dont count anywhere else.

The schedule in schools in Sweden vary alot... in Ireland my days were from 9-4pm everyday and each class was 40 minutes long. But here in Sweden somedays you begin at 8am other days 11am. Somedays you finish 2pm and other days 5pm. Also somedays you have long breaks inbetween classes unlike in Ireland where you had 5 minutes break between classes and only a 45 minute lunch break.

My school is slightly different to other schools as it is an English school and is also divided into houses, but otherwise it follows the swedish curriculem.

There are private and communal schools.... and in most swedish schools you get served lunch, other places you get food coupons where you can then use them in shops or certain restaurants (though the coupon amount is very little and so you almost always have to add extra each day):

Uniforms... i dont know if schools in Sweden have those? But i dont think they do...
In my school we loan the books but have to pay for note books, pens etc ourselves, but it limits the cost a little anyway as school books are so expensive!! :)


  1. This is so interesting! Wow, if a 45 minute break is short than how long is a normal lunch break? haha! :) It's just in my school (in Russia) our lunch break is 25-30 minutes :/ I'm not sure how it is in other schools, but I would guess no longer than 45 minutes. Now that I think about it it's not enough time. Everyone's always in a rush and also, I am a slow eater. I wish lunch breaks were longer. I guess they will be since I'm going to an american school this year. Not sure what to expect. Any tips/information anyone? :)
    Have a great day! :)

    1. american school lunch breaks are short too, especially in high school :/ or at least public school...maybe not private tho?

  2. Really interesting, thanks :) What subjects do you study within the social science programme then?