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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday breakfast

Sunday, a day of rest for many and i have quite decided how i will spend my day. Whether i will do something active or spend another day at home.... Ill see how i feel after breakfast :) Today my parents are coming home from the island they took the boat to yesterday and then we are going to go look at an apartment showing. Yup, we're still set on moving, and i have mixed feelings. The apartment we are going to look at is right in town. This would be the dream for many and the apartment is 2 minutes from my school, 5 minutes from my gym etc, i wouldnt have to take public transport so often and i would be so close to school. Though the fact is, i love my morning walks and runs. And doing that in town? Not the easiesit considering that i usually just put on some training clothes and go out without make up and unbrushed hair. But also with Daisy, she is in need of long walks everyday and is NOT a city dog. hahah. However my sister is very optimistic about the apartment, my parents dont have much of an opinion yet, though they would prefer to not live right in town. But its a bigger apartment then the one we have and its also cheaper? So i mean its almost win-win-win. But i am going to go to the showing with an open heart, not have any pre-judged thoughts. This could be good and i mean, who would complain living so close to their school? :)
    I didnt like it when i thought we were moving 1+hour away from my school and i dont know if i like it living 2 minutes from my school, Cant satisfy me, or? :) hahah.
  No, im not that bad... im making myself sound worse than i am. This apartment could be really good, but i guess i just have alot of attachment to the one we live in now. But sooner or later we are moving, thats pretty much decided. :(

Now to change the topic... This is todays breakfast :)  I love fruit!


  1. Do you peel oranges with your hand, or peel them with a knife? Random question aha but I always find them so difficult to just peel with my hands!

    1. With my hands :) It doesnt work with a knife for me, haha.
      I like random questions, so just keep asking them!!! :)

    2. Heh. I always have to cut an incision with a knife first before using my hands...but I usually end up taking the easier route and just slicing them. I HATE eating oranges in public though-- I get the juice everywhere, and it's just so sticky and awkward! Tangerines and clementines are more my thing. :)


  2. Looks good. Could you post the recipe for that breakfast please?

    1. It was just egg white oatmeal (1 portion oatmeal 2-3 egg whites, water, cinnamon and stevia. Boil) & then top with your favourite toppings!

  3. God bless you for the post about purging! I see you don't answer comments anymore and I don't know if you will read this but still THANK YOU !!!!

    I will try to stop because it is going out of control...

    Please suggest some ideas to make the food APPEALING: . How to make yourself eat more, how to make food so pretty to eat it.... to trick your brain... to make food yummy enough to eat it.
    You have no idea how much you are helping me! I check your blog at least twice a day for recovery and for ideas :D


    1. Im glad you found the post helpful :) I try my best to answer coments, but i cant answer them all at the moment :/
      I will try my best to write a post about those :)

  4. Could you give the recipe for the oatmeal? It looks yummy and super delicious!! What toppings did you put? What are your favourite oatmeal flavour combinations? What are your other favourite breakfast recipes? I love all your breakfasts hahha!!

  5. Will you be moving very soon? Because I'm not sure when your package will get there. Maybe you'll already be living in a new apartment.
    Btw your breakfast looks so yummy!!

    1. Im not so sure.... but it wont be until a few weeks or months im guessing :)

    2. Ok :) I hope it gets there haha!