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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Snack time

Today in my package that i picked up it contained lots of yummy things and one of them was peanut butter and chocolate covered nuts :) My 2 favourite things!

Feeling tired and needing an energy boost i decided to eat peanut butter right out of the jar, along with the rest of my snack, which was sweet egg cake with quark & nuts and milk. & white chocolate cashews and i ate ALOT more of those nuts :) hahah 150g or something :):) Can never have too many nuts or too much nut butter :)

Otherwise, my hospital appointment went well... felt a little unnecessary to be there, but thats how it is. However my mum was so kind and offered to come pick me up after  :) So that made me happy!!!

And now im going to watch some Desperate Housewives... Hahah, a guilty pleasure of mine :)

How are you spending your Thursday?


  1. Why did you do that? Peanut butter...
    I am dying of peanut butter cravings now:S

    How much does 100% natural PB cost in Sweden?

    1. What do you mean why did i do that? haha dont really understand :)
      It depends which one you buy but a jar of all natural costs like 30-40kr (c.a 3-4 euro) :) But i bought 2 of those jars for 4 euro!

  2. I think the anonymous above ment why did you remind her/him of peanut butter. Because now he/she is craving it but can't have it. I may be wrong, but that's what it looked like to me :)
    I don't mind you posting what you eat even if I do want to eat (it) ;)

  3. Could you give us a rough estimate recipe ( cuz you improvise ) for the sweet egg cake please?

    1. usually 1 egg, roughly 1dl or more egg whites, 0,5-1dl milk.... something like that. And then i add stevia and cinnamon, but you can other things like pepper, salt, basil and make it more savoury.
      And into the microwave for 5-10 minutes, depening on what temperature you use.

  4. Random question but do you ever get a bad stomach(severe bloating,wind,pain)after eating alot of Peanut butter?
    I love the stuff but my symptoms did stop after I cut it out & stuck to raw almonds :(
    Perhaps I was just going a bit large with portions(50-100g in one serving!!)

    1. I havent noticed any of that, but it could be because you ate larger amounts of it at one go... or maybe you are slightly intolerant to peanuts. But also, peanuts are harder to digest. Cashews and almonds are easier, and if you soak almonds or nuts and then roast them, then they are easiest to digest!