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Saturday, August 16, 2014

School work while sick

Keeping up with school work can be tough when you are sick... either you no longer have concentration, you are so obsessed and time consumed with everything that has to do with calories, food and weight, or you just dont have the energy anymore. And that is ok.... For some, they can skip school, they can take a year off and just focus on their health rather than school work. And i personally think that that is the best option, though its not an option for everyone.

When you are malnourished and starved your brain is not getting the energy it needs... know that the brain needs about 800kcal a day just to function properly and your body in total needs about 1400 just to function - with no exercise or movement included. And many eat far less than that, meaning that your body is in starvation mode and concentration and studying is pretty much off the chart.

So my first tip to help with studying and coping with school. Eat MORE and regularly. Find a way to relax and cope with the anxiety... if you are constantly filled with guilt or anxiety, that doesnt help the problem either. So find a good coping mechanism, deep breathing and a motto to tell yourself when the anxiety comes creeping in.
Second, plan when you are going to study. Try to dedicate 30 - 60 minutes 1-2 times a day for your work. Find a good place where you can sit and relax and focus on your work. NO distractions... if you need to use your computer then shut down social media sites and only have your research/documents open. Put your phone away or put it on flight mode.
Make sure you have water and have already eaten a snack or can eat something while studying, you NEED the energy to study.

If you are in hospital or at home and not allowed to school then maybe come up with a plan with your school that maybe you only fo 50% of the subjects or that you only need to do certain ttests or assignments. You already have so much else to focus on and your health is your number one priority, you dont need to weigh yourself down with 101 assignments and tests.

Try to keep calm if you feel stressed. Stressing about school work wont help the problem. I am someone who easily stresses over school and tests, but it doesnt help. Think like this..... if you fail a test or assignment, or dont have the attention or time or energy for it, then you need to explain this to the teacher. The teacher is only human as well, they will understand your situation, you need to be honest and get the help you need.

Also, if you feel that you really cant sit down and study then get a tutor, i know... it might not sound like fun but i had a tutor when i was in Ireland as i was at home sick so often and i couldnt do my Irish homework on my own. And then when i was at Mando i also got a tutor to help me with my studies. It does help to know that 1-2 hours once or twice a week someone will sit there with you and help you... no matter if you are 13,. 15 or 19... if you need the help, dont be afraid to ask for it.
  Health and education are 2 things which are of most importance.

Organize, plan, write down, make lists, schedule.... all helpful for studying!!! Know when you are going to study and what you are going to study. Prioritize, what is most important.

And know that if you feel you cant manage school while recovering, then take a step back. Talk to your teachers and parents and doctors, they WILL understand. It is NOT defeat, it is making a choice for your health which is most important. School is stressful and so is recovery, having both stressors can bet oo much.
  For me i got help with studying while i was in hospital however i remember sitting in the room with the teacher and i would read something and just not understand what it said, it was like my brain couldnt quite comprehend what i had just read. I couldnt remember anything either. Simple maths was hard for me, i couldnt concentrate. I sat in that room for 90 minutes 2-3 times a week and wanted to cry each time because i felt sooo stupid. I had gone from an A student to barely being able to do maths equations or some french... and in the end i had to tell my mum and my case manager that i couldnt do it anymore. It gave me too much anxiety, it wasnt helping me. It just made me feel even worse.
  So i did have to repeat a year in school which sucks, but thats ok... thats how life goes. I know i wouldnt have managed tests or homework or any of that when i was sick, it was better that i focused on my health.

Here is a post about studying tips which might help.


  1. Thank you so so much for this post! You have made me feel a lot better about going into hospital this autumn. I have perspective now that I don't just need to try and keep going if I can't handle schoolwork and I could just repeat a year :) this has been so helpful! Did you find it difficult to make friends as the people were a year younger than you?

  2. This post meant so much to me Izzy :) for I too was in the same kind of situation.. when I was in secondary school I consistently achieved high grades and did well in all of my subjects for my Leaving Cert exams; my head was always stuck in a book. But then when I went to college and became sick that all changed. I was never anorexic but due to my eating disorder I never had the energy or motivation to study. Subsequently my grades and exam results suffered and I felt utterly despondent and miserable as I realised that I was no longer the grade-A student that I had always thought myself as... I'm hoping that this year, as I try to recover, that I will be able to study and concentrate once again like I used to be able to. It is so, so hard to cope with college work when you have an ED - for unfortunately, while I was sick, the time I was supposed to be spent concentrating or studying I wasted worrying about whether I had overeaten, etc, or I just couldn't focus properly as I was just so, so hungry. Thanks for this post Izzy:)

  3. You are a true inspiration for me, in this moment im in my lowest point , i have a bmi of 12.3 and i cant even use the stairs , get dress without feeling really tired or even walk , so everyday is hell for me sometimes, im in recovery now in my home trying to gain weight but i get really scared when i eat more than i used to, but your blog give a little bit of bravery and strenght that i need to get my life and future back.
    thank you so much lizzy :), by the way english is not my first language so sorry for the misspelling is there is one !

  4. Izzy, would you like to become a motivational speaker? Or a psychologist? You are SO GIFTED in doing this !!! So mature!