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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Recently i seem to be getting more hate and critisizm for the way i eat and this is something which really baffles me. Why pay so much attention to the way i eat? Maybe its just because when you recover from an eating disorder you are expected to behave, look and eat a certain way. Never say no to cake, always take an extra portion, never say you are full, never complain or say anything negative about your body. Trying a diet is wrong. If you suddenly eat a little more vegetables rather than carbs you are deemed sick again?

  NO. Thats not how it works. At the moment i am tired of defending what i eat... the little bits i post on my blog... that does NOT show the whole picture. I dont feel the need to post that i just ate a handful of chocolate covered nuts, or that i ate both cheese sandwiches and chocolate. To me, its food.... I dont get congratulated or told well done because i eat some chocolate, thats normal. Its nothing that i have to tell the whole world about. Just like if i go for a run, i dont go tell all my friends or my family. It doesnt really matter because i do it for me.

You can jump to conclusions, think what you want... think im not healthy because i choose to eat quinoa, chicken and broccolli instead of burgers or just pasta for dinner. I feel no obligation to post everything i eat or tell everyone on my blog that i just ate 3 cookies or what ever... thats my business. You can think what you want but you dont have to critisize me... i am still a human being. And im trying to help people, not have some open forum where i get attacked.

If my blog triggers you, if you find me in some way hindering your recovery because you dont like the way i eat or how or what i write, thats your business and you dont need to read my blog. But i am not going to change what i eat, how i live my life or anything.

And can people please stop focusing so much on healthy and  unhealthy.... telling someone they have an unhealthy diet or a too healthy diet? Healthy is differnet for everyone. How and what i eat works for me, that doesnt mean it will work for you.

And remember, if i did still have an eating disorder, then my family would be the first to know. They see me everyday, see what i eat, they know how often i exercise..... And my mum would be pretty quick to call Mando if she suspected anything. So dont think you can label, critisize or judge me from the little i do post on my blog... there is only about 10% of my diet and my life posted here.


  1. Izzy! I just wanted to tell you that I've been reading your blog since I can remember and I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG! I would also like to say shut up to those who say negative things about your lifestyle or criticize you or what not!
    Izzy you're the best and please ignore the haters :)
    Sending lots if hugs your way ❤️

  2. I feel like people always try to accuse others habits in eat, life, personality, etc. based off their own insecurities and fears. Almost like how the media portrays celebs and models in such harsh ways like " they gained 10 pounds, all right! " but when they lose weight media and society/random people are like " has he/she taken it too far? Looking anorexic and weight dropping by the second! " it's obnoxious and ridiculous but we teach that that's ok to do. Yet in reality we don't know these people, their bodies, how they eat daily, exercisr, there life or what they may be going through, we just ignorantly assume things. People here and everywhere really need to focus on themselves and not what others are doing, eating, following, or going through. It's their life, body, and mind and we all know what's best for us whether others care or not.

  3. WHO accused you and WHY ??

    It is obvious you are healthy, your body weight, your skin, your eyes....don't bother with trolls :)


  4. YOU ARE HELPING ME A LOT, don't give up writing :) Irina

  5. I agree Izzy you're blog is great! It upsets me to here that you are getting negative posts when all you are doing is trying to help,support and guide people. People don't have to read this blog if it triggers them!! It's really helped me so big hug and keep going izzy ignore the haters :) you are amazing!! X

  6. Izzy this blog is amazing! I could never have started recovery without your blog! Don't listen to the haters the majority of us think your brilliant :) x

  7. Izzy, don't pay attention to such people. Your blog has helped my recovery so much and today I am living a normal, healthy life free of anorexia. You're a shining star. :) <3

  8. Your blog - as you just said - only shows us a tiny bit of what you eat or drink, how much you exercise, etc. It's slightly upsetting to hear that people are criticizing you when you've only been kind, considerate and supporting to people suffering from ED's.
    As another commenter wrote, I also think that because some people's eating is so disordered and they may feel insecure about how they eat, they'll find any reason to attack your eating.
    everybody is individual, and what is healthy for them may not suit others. As long as you're satisfied with how you eat, Izzy, then the haters' comments shouldn't matter. You are doing what suits you, and that's wonderful!
    Your blog taught me that healthy is a different concept for everybody, and I thank you for that.
    To be honest, we (the readers) are very privileged to see the amount of your life we do actually see, and should be very grateful for your help.
    Sending lots of hugs from England:)

  9. There wouldn't be diet books, low fat options, whole wheat this and that, if 'normal' people didn't follow this. It IS normal to want to take care of yourself and this is what Izzy is doing. The fact that she willingly and openly puts herself out there to help so many struggling girls is incredible and if anyone thinks it's ok to jeopardize such a trust by putting in some snarky remark and ruining someones choices, then get off this site. We have all had to deal with enough and the last thing anyone needs, especially Izzy, is to be criticized.

  10. This kind of accusions are signs of own bad condition. There's no reason for a normal, happy person to seek some flaws or create problems out of nothing when it comes to such a balanced diet and person. They might struggle the exact issues they shake their fingers at you for, themselves. What some people sadly don't knoe is that trying to shove your problems into other person's arms is just going to make you trip on your own face, simply because the person is not going to get those problems and walks out of their way, instead.

    No shaming here, but just telling some valuable truths that I have noticed in life. Keep your confidence, Izzy, it's obvious that no one's nagging can suddenly make you anorexic anymore.

    Suddenly I feel mean because of this preach, but I couldn't find more pleasant words for this.. I hope nobody feels offended by my comment :--( No bad intentions

  11. I really do like your blog, and it seems like you eat what works for you in addition to what supports your body in the best way. I will say, however, that you post quite a bit about food and exercise. I mean this with no disrespect, but I do wonder about your motivation in doing so and why this is a priority for you to blog about. With my own recovery, it was important to move away from focusing on the food so much. While nutrition is an important aspect of recovery to get your body in a healthy place, the most crucial part of recovery is finding emotional healing. I encourage you to perhaps post about this more and think your readers could benefit from it. Just a suggestion and some constructive criticism.

    1. Thank you, i do take this on board :) I might move away from all the food posts if that is what others feel as well :)
      I guess the reason why i post them? Because its hard to think of other things topost... i have a life outside of my blog adn especially now when school begins its hard to try to find information or to tryt o write 3-6 posts per day. So then just putting up some food pictures or food inspiration works... though maybe thats now what you actually want to read.

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    3. I appreciate you being so open about my response. I hesitated to post it because I didn't want to come of as critical or rude. I just really enjoy reading the posts about YOU and how your life is now that you're recovered. You are very inspiring to me, and I feel so happy for you that you've found recovery at such a young age. I suffered from the time I was 11 until I was 28, and it's a beautiful thing to see that you will be able to enjoy these years ahead. Also, I think you're recovery tips are very helpful and do enjoy the food-related posts that are recipes you make : )

  12. I can't understand why someone would say or comment about things like this rudely. Yes, this is a blog and you can comment and have your opinions, but as Izzy said readers see a very small part of the bloggers life. Who knows, maybe Izzy eats cake every night or what if she doesn't eat what she posts and just makes readers believe she did eat that. I'm not saying I think she does that, because I trust Izzy and I don't think she would be the way she is if she did otherwise. Also, I would find it hard to post everything I eat. Take a picture of every cookie or handful of nuts. Or say you did post a picture of your lunch but then felt you needed more for lunch and went to get a quest bar (just an example). I agree that healthy is different for everyone. People should stop judging and focus on themselves. Please don't criticize. Everyone has feelings, just like you.
    I don't want to offend anyone but just so people maybe understand a little bit more.
    And Izzy don't worry about it. Don't let it get to you. I think most of your readers including me are very grateful for what you do and support you :)

  13. Blaming others is only the proof that we're not understanding well where we're at. Like two sisters pointing out the other one when mum asks who broke the vase: it's easier to project on others what we don't want to confront in our own life. I wouldn't give too much thought to the people who come with bad intentions, they are probably even more lost than we imagine, feeling this need to liberate themselves from the criticism they hear about their own ways of eating/exercising etc. bz projecting them on you. And the fact that they found your blog and took the time to read it through proves they probably get lot of those comments on their own. In fact, you could rather see this type of comments as a good sign: if people take the time to stay and criticise it means you're reaching much more people than you'd like to know. The fact that your experience, every word you teach us - 'cause yeah I entirely agree with you when you say you feel like you're a teacher, and an awesome one ;) - can be challenge only makes them stronger to the eyes of those who learn from them. The fact that you keep writing in spite of those comments and that you were successful at recovering puts them right back in their place and validates all your efforts. Never stop believing that what you're doing is great.

  14. Keep your head high sweet Izz.
    Haters make you famous, they're just jealous of your lovely life, beautiful body and amazing personality. Keep up your great posts, healthy habits and delicious food. You go girl.
    Hugs from A.

  15. You're beautiful Izzy. This is a good reminder that we need to focus on ourselves, our recovery etc and stop comparing to others. We become so habitual in the comparison trap but it is so important to be reminded that no matter how much we compare, we will never be like that person, because we are all different. Lots of love

  16. I'm sorry you've been getting crap for your food choices! You're absolutely right, that is NONE of their business! If you're nourishing yourself and you're happy with what you're eating, who cares! Whether it's a pound of carrots or a pound of chocolate.
    You rock - don't pay attention to to any haters :)