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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rememer! Bloating happens.

Bloating is one of those things which most people hate.. it can be uncomfortable, you feel bigger than what you are, your belly sticks out, your body can hold onto water. You can feel tired and looking in the mirror or getting dressed sucks!
    I wish i could say there was a magical cure for it, that bloating would never happen to you or me. But thats not the case... i havent heard of some magical pill that works. Though there are some diets such as raw food? and lchf? i think that claim they dont bloat... whether thats true or not i dont know. Because naturally after eating or drinking your belly gets bigger.  How long, when and why you bloat all depends on different factors. For the past few weeks i have barely bloated at all, not even after eating and ive pretty much eaten the same things/amount but now suddenly ive been bloated for the past few days. Why.... i dont really know.

Why you can bloat: stress, hormones, not enough water, eating too little, lots of food, drinking &eating, intolerante/allergic to something, some foods make it easier to bloat (i think) etc And even when you workout often your body holds onto water as a sort of 'protection'.

Most people wake up looking like thier normal self and by the time they go to bed their stomach is sticking out and thats ok... thats normal. Thats how most people feel - though not everyone bloats all the time. And sometimes you might wake up with the same bloat from yesterday evening and it feels like it will never pass - sort of like im feeling now.  But it will!!! Bloating is simply a sort of protection for your inner organs, something is working inside there. So give it time... whether it takes 3 days or a whole week, sooner or later you will be back to your normal shape. But DONT restrict just because you are bloated, that doesnt make it better, that can make the bloating last longer as then your body holds onto what you do eat instead of using it as energy and your metabolism slows down.... so you just bloat even longer.
  Keep eating like normal, normal portions and every 2-4 hours. Drink plenty of water. Wear comfortable clothes and if you are allowed exercise can help. If you have pain due to bloating then lying down and putting something warm on your belly can help :)

Also remember, in recovery bloating is common and normal. Not for everyone but most people recovering. And it can take days to weeks for it to pass. Its your body trying to kick start the metabolism, trying to function properly again.... so just bare with it and know it will pass sometime!!!



  1. I love this video (please make more!!). How heavy are the weights, 1,5kg each?

    I have some further fit-questions (hope not triggering...!!):
    I read by Mark Lauren ( that it is very important to give the muscles rest time for growing. He says that muscles won`t grow if you do every day exersices. So how do you cope with this fact? Do you train for example legs one day and the other day shoulders and the next day you just go for a walk?
    How often do you exercise in the gym, doing muscles strength, lifting weights, doing HIIT?
    When you go for a walk with daisy in the morning - you mentioned 5 km? - are you like done with training for the day or will you go to the gym nevertheless? Do you go swimming?
    What do you think is better for building muscles: to repeat a lot (10 times to 20 times one single exercise) or to strength the muscle and hold the exercise for like 30 seconds until tthe muscle trembles?


    1. Hello, sorry i never replied i m,eant to but forgot!!
      In the video they are 5kg dumbbells, but if you fill water bottles they will be around 1-2kg (1l water = 1kg).
      No you shouldnt work the same muscles 2 days in a row, then it doesnt have enough time to recover and you just break down the muscle. Thats why all those squat challenges are stupid and also doing 100 sit ups every night wont give you abs.
      I strength train 5-6 times a week and do a different muscle group each time... With cardio it all depends.. i do it when i feel like it. Whether i do it everyday for a week or just once a week or not at all some weeks all depends. But now in summer i go for more walks as i have the time for it.
      If you want to build muscle take a weight that you can only do 6-8 reps if you can do more.. take a heavier weight. And focus also on technique. With many reps or holding for long time thats more endurance adn stamina rather than building muscle... you can mix it say focus 4 weeks only on heavy weights and low reps and then for a week or two shock your body with doing many reps and lower weights.

  2. jag är typ 24/7 bloated förutom på morgonen :D så oftast får jag ha någon "lös" topp på gymmet, men det stör inte mig! bara om man ska till stranden kanske haha.. då får man blickar hmm "är hon gravid" ;)

    1. Hahah, brukar vara så där!! Jobbigt, men men... Man kan ju bara låtsas man är gravid, det är varför man äter så mycket... anledning till varför man äter för 2!!! XD

  3. Last time you got bloated it was due to lack of food, maybe the same now?:)

    1. It could be, but i dont think so... more too much food ;) hah hah No but i might have to track what i eat for 3 days or so and see if its that :)