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Friday, August 1, 2014

Protein cookie review

So i thought i would write a review of the protein cookie i got :) I got a box of 12 cookies all in the flavour white chocolate almond. Sounds delicious, right? :)

To start off with 1 cookie contains 37,5g protein which is ALOT of protein haha... considering that most people need something like 60-80g protein and more for those who are trying to build muscle. So basically 2 cookies and you've got yourself your protein intake for the day... but most people naturally do eat enough protein unless they are vegan or vegetarian.
    I dont like talking calories, but it says it on the box anyway... but it has pretty much the same calories as a normal cookie, but more protein. But i think its good with balance... some days you might want a protein cookie, otherdays you want a normal white chocolate chip cookie, thats fine :)
    These are good for on the go, as a pre or post workout. Because of the amount of protein, its so filling!! But also, the amount of calories also makes it a good snack as it has a good amount of energy :)

Onto Taste.... Initial bite and taste...It left an aftertaste which is typical with high protein foods or bars. Infact the first bite i felt a little disgusted, i didnt think i wanted to eat the rest of it. But i did and it did taste better. But beware of the first bite, however... it might just be the flavour. I have heard that the chocolate flavour is yummy!
   Ive eaten 3 cookies and 1 of them i dipped in coffee and that was really nice actually as the texture of the cookie is soft, just like a normal american cookie. It looks like one as well :)
  I want to try heating one up as well... see if it tastes good though because it has so much protein i dont know how smart that is as some protein when heated loses its 'bindings' or how to put it.

i have 9 more cookies so i will see what i do with them maybe add them to yoghurt, heat them up, add them to ice cream or protein fluff (??! ok not protein fluff as then i think my kidneys will fail. But berry fluff or chocolate mousse??!!)
I got the box from :) They sell alot of interesting protein things!