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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nothing is unhealthy in recovery

Something which i personally think is that eating less healthy food is far better than not eating at all. If you eat the 'less healthy food' several times a day, everyday and eat an excess of it then no, that might not be healthy in the long run. But you have to realise tghat in recovery, you and your body is not like everyone else. Others might have to think more about how often they eat chocolate whilst in recovery you can know that you can eat it several times a week and thats ok. I mean i still eat chocolate (milk or dark) 3-5 times a week because i love it!
   You DONT and SHOULDNT follow all the diet rules out there. Of course an excess of anything isnt good, no matter when. But whilst normal people who are at a healthy weight or on the higher weight need to be more conscious of some food, you in recovery who needs to gain weight you DONT need to be.

What i find is that, i would rather eat a pizza - which i dont like than to skip dinner because there is nothing i like. If i am at a friends house or out all day or on holiday and know i need to eat something but if there isnt something which i like or say they are just loads of unhealthier (not meant to be triggering!) food. I would rather eat that than just skip food because there is nothing say i personally want to eat.
  Eating lesss healthier food now and again is fine for everyone. But in recovery, you do need to eat it more often. Mainly to face your fears... to be able to eat all types of food with no anxiety involved. You might eat cake 5 times a week and thats OK!! Dont panic or feel guilty about that. When i was recovering, and actually deciding and fighting to gain wieght and recover i ate chocolate covered nuts and trail mix 3-5 times a week because i liked that and prefered to eat it instead of yoghurt. And also i went out to eat cake or buns to face my fears... to get rid of the anxiety involved with pasteries. Summer 2011 when i was trying to recover and face my fears and fear foods i think i ate some form of 'junk food' 3-5 times a week. And that didnt make me fat... i didnt even gain weight every week even if i ate those things.

^^This was one of the first times i went out for a bun with my mum and the anxiety involved was on top notch... i love how the spoon is pointing at me... i was so unwilling to eat there that the spoon was facing the wrong way. hahaha

Dont compare yourself to others because while in recovery you arent like others. You need a higher energy intake and a lower activity amount. You need to eat more than others and do less than others... but realise that this is just a period of your life. You need to focus on YOUR goals. And fight each and every day. If some people trgger you, stay away from them for now. Just know that soon you will be able to have the freedom of how much you eat and when. Be able to choose what foods you eat.

So for now, if you crave that cookie eat 1... Hell, eat 5. Eat ice cream as well :) Now of course if it becomes binging on these types of food, then you can cut back a little... but you want to get rid of anxiety involved with certain foods. Be able to eat all types of food and know its ok to go out for McDonalds once in a while or grab a frappichino when out in town or eat a few cookies followed by chocolate cake at a friends house even when you are at a healthy weight.

What i thought when i was in recovery was that, ill eat junk food now because i wont be able to eat it and still keep my weight when im healthy. I didnt think it was possible to eat ice cream 2 times a week and chocolate covered nuts 3 times a weeek and still keep my weight.... if i eat it in moderation of course i can still keep my weight. I could eat half an ice cream pot everyday if i wanted and still keep my weight.
  But when you are at a healthyweight its more important to find balance ofa ll types of food... because even if you can eat 10 cookies everyday doesnt mean that you should. However, when you are in recovery... its a different story!!!

I ate pizza several times before i realised that pizza just isnt my thing, sure i can eat it. But now i have the freedom and choice to not eat it.
But i also have the freedom and choice to eat a whole Ben and Jerrys when i have the money to buy one :) :)

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  1. Hi Izzy,

    I'm challenging my fear foods in recovery at the moment, which is good. But, quite often, I can still panic when I eat them. I keep on making rules as to how much I should have (e.g two squares of chocolate and nothing more, then I can't have any chocolate for the next day or two), but I can't help it. If I have something unhealthy during the day, like nutella or something, then I ban that for the next day. How do I stop this? I don't know how much is too much, so I just end up not allowing myself to eat it :(