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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New day

Waking up this morning and trying to pull myself out of bed was not a game. I could have slept longer but my dog woke me up at 8am. And once im awake i cant go back to sleep. So i got up.... I have most pain in my calves and back which is very strange as i dont think ive ever had pain in my calves before, but thats what i get from pushing heavy carts up for a hill. Otherwise... my body feels a bit like it did when i was sick. Not in a skin and bones way, but in a coughing hurts kind of way. Its not just a cough, but like a 'my whole body shakes' kind of cough. And it feels like ive lost 3kg just yesterday.... but im sure its all water weight which will return within the next few days especially as yesterday when i came home i ate 2 apples, a chocolate bar, 4 crisp bread with spread and mackerel and a bowl of quark with nuts... Binge? Nope. Just hungry. And if i think about i most probably needed anything from 4500-6000kcal yesterday for everything that i did.

This morning as Daisy woke me because she needed to go out (Yup.. thats my job. Shes my dog so its my responsibility) and actually, i wasnt complaining. It was nice to go for a walk, i felt that that was what my body needed. A relaxing walk where i can stretch out my muscles. And then when i came home i did some stretching and foam rolling which has also helped.
    Today i think im also going to a spa.... not sure if its fully booked or if we will do it another day. But it would be nice to do today because otherwise i have no plans and dont feel like doing anythign active at all ;);)
  Work days are fun.... but in moderation, hahah! I need 1-2 days to recuperate before i return! I cant imagine doing that type of work everyday, i now understand why my dad has such back problems. All my life he has always told me to lift with my legs, not my back. And i now realise why (He is a sound engineer so works at many festivals and concerts and  has lifted heavy speakers and things pretty much most of his life).

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  1. That last picture is incredibly sexy ;). and the festival work sounds fun