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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My new food addiction

One of my latest food addictions is Chickpeas (or so called garbonzo beans) with lots of sea salt!!! :) Mmmm. Just thinking about it makes me want to go get some :)

We buy the dried beans and then soak them in water and cook them so we get several liters of chickpeas from just one package and they taste alot better than the ones in cans! Ive always loved chickpeas and beans (& crisp bread, sweet potatoe and oats) are my preferred choices of carbs :) The past 3 days ive eaten between 1-2 bowls per day of chickpeas with salt (adding cottage cheese is also super yummy!) :)
  Anyone else share my love of beans?

Whats your food obsession/current food love? :)

Below are some facts/benefits of beans :) If anyone is interested

^^I LOVE hummus as well :) Its like an addiction :)


  1. How do you use peas? What kind of combinations do you like? I'd be excited to try peas in warm meals but I have no idea where to start!

    1. Like i said, i love chickpeas with salt. Or roasting them with different seasoning or with stevia and cinnamon. Or making hummus or adding with salads. Or making pizza bases or pie bases out of chickpeas.

      Otherwise you can add in with pasta dishes, or make woks or make soups and add chickpeas or eat with tuna and cottage cheese (love this combo!)! There are lots of different ways to eat them. But my favourite is maybe just plain or roasting them :)

  2. I love chickpeas!!! They are soooooo good....after you soak them, you should dry them, mix them in a bowl with coconut oil, cinnamon, and sweetner and them bake them in the oven at 450' for 30-40 min :)
    SWEET ROASTED CHICKPEAS!!! They are sooo delicious :)

    1. Yummmm!! Ive only tried with spices like chilli or basil, but i should try with cinnamon and sweetner :)

  3. I share your opinion ... chickpeas taste amazing! I sometimes eat them just out of a can (they are already soaked with water) and it's SO delicious!! As a warm meal I really like them in a tomato soup with lots and lots of herbs! <3 :) That's soulfood for me, haha :D

    1. I do that as well - out of the can, if we buy cans. Though usually we make our own :)


    Chickpea recipes!!