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Thursday, August 21, 2014

My evening routines

Ive written about my morning routines before but now i thought it was time to write about my evening routines... For those that are interested!!

Ill begin with dinner time... that can be anywhere frmo 5pm to 8pm, depending on when i ate my afternoon snack, how hungry i am, what im doing etc etc.
  its 50/50 of whether i cook dinner or my parents cook dinner, but if i eat on my own ill be in my room and eat and if i eat with my family of course i sit with them at the table.
   Then i go to my room and usually after dinner is the time when ive finished all my school work or atleast decided no more for today. I need my evenings to relax, to pack for the next day. Plan my next day so i might spend 10 minutes after dinner where i pack my bag and/or gym bag. Look at my schedule, see how my next day will be. Set my alarm etc Then i lie in bed and watch half a series or so before i then begin writing some blog posts for the evening or to schedule for the next day. I might read some blogs, scroll through Tumblr, answer some mails if i have the time and motivation.  And by then c.a 90 minutes has passed. Around 9-10pm i eat a night snack so i get up and fix that, spend some time talking with my family, might watch some of the TV they are watching and then i go to my room and if i havent already changed to my pyjamas i do that then.

    Then i watch the other half of the series episode or start a new episode... and then suddenly i am half falling asleep and wishing i had already taken off my makeup and wondering if i can skip brushing my teeth tonight... but then i realise i need to go to the bathroom anyway, so get up. Brush my teeth, remove my make up, go to the bathroom. Jump into bed and under the covers. Check that my alarm is set, think through tomorrow, think over the day that has passed. Scroll through Tumblr or other social media.... realise that its getting later and later and finally put down my phone, turn off the light and go to bed... anywhere from 10.30pm to 11.30pm :)

There you have my evening routines!! :) What are some of YOUR evening routines? :)


  1. When have you decided to fit training in? :)

    1. I think the comment meant how u r planning training times now that school started ^_^

    2. Ohh weell if thats what the anonymous meant... it all depends on the day. Some days before school, otherdays after school, somedays i have a 2 hour break (and my gymi is 5 minutes from my school ) so i can go then... so ill see what works best :)

  2. so you shower in the morning then? x

    1. Oh i forgot to mention that, hahah! Good point usually after dinner some time i shower! But as i hate showers its just like a 5 minute thing for necessity!

  3. Please write about purging and how to stop. It is so addictive and sometimes I am afraid I will die :(


  4. Hey Izzy! I have just started at a new school and the lunch break is later than I'm used to. I normally eat breakfast at 07:00-07:30 and lunch isn't until 11:45!! I usually ate lunch at 11 at my last school. I walk to school which is two km if that matters. We do have a fifteen minute break at 10:00 but I'm still a little full. I eat 1,5 portion of oatmeal for breakfast with a few handfuls of berries, a large glass of milk and some cottage cheese (around 100 grams) and one chrisp bread with a few slices of chicken fillet and some tomato. I feel full until lunch, but I struggle to keep consentrated when the clock is closing up to 11. For lunch I eat a salad I bring from home which contains a chickenfillet, half an avocado, vegetables of different types, some chickpeas or pasta or 2-3 potatoes, and I eat an apple for dessert. I have plenty of energy during the whole day except from the time few hours before lunch. What to do? :o do you have any advice? :))

    1. Also I'm 173 cm tall and weigh 56-57 kg if that matters. I am trying to get stronger :)