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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In the future

Today on  my way to the gym i was listening to a podcast - something which ive been doing alot this summer and i absaloutly love it. I mostly listen to ones about health and nutrition (its a swedish podcast) and ive learnt so much through them. Though of course... whether its 100% reliable or not, thats another question. Some further research of my own is needed as well.
  But i suddenly got this shiver of excitement when i thought about... In the future it might be me who will sit and give nutrional and exercise advice. To know everything there is to know about those 2 topics. The future is something that scares me, but it also excites me. I just want this last year of school to be over, though of course.. there will be alot of work involved and once i finish high school, well then its a real step outside of my comfort zone. But i know that i want to go to university, i dont want to take a year off or anything. What i want to do is study nutrition and sports.... to really know how the body works. All the small details of how food is broken down, how it affects us, how exercise helps. Benefits of this and that... how it all hangs together.
  Studying is something which i like... when its something im passionate and interested in. For me, listening to history lessons or french lessons isnt really my thing. However science and maths im interested in and also good at.

I get alot of questions about food plans and if i can help my readers and i wish i could. But for now, all i can do is give advice. Give my opinion, however i cant create a food plan for you as i dont have the proper education for that.
  However in a few years time, then i will be able to. Then i am sure i can help with both food and exercise plans... to help you recover or build strength etc
    Its all so exciting... helping people is what i want to do. I want to help people live a healthy life.... whether they want to/need to lose weight, or tone up or need help to gain weight or build muscle etc I want to teach people the right nutrition and good exercise tips and techniques :) :)
   I also want to travel so in the future (in like 10 years from now) i want to travel to different countries and help people there... hold classes and personal sessions to help people start making changes in their life. Of course there is an abundance of PTs and nutrionists at the moment so whether i become successful or not, who knows. But this is something i am passionate about and will keep working with until i do start making a good income :)

Just my rambles and thoughts^^^Now i am going to start looking at University courses ;)


  1. What you say sounds great! :) If that is what you really want to - then do it! My brother started studying Business Informatics last summer but at home he likes to exercise a lot and reads a lot about nutrition, exercise and how both affects the body so he now decided to change his subject of study! Now 'Human movement in sports and exercise' is what he wants to study - in English! (I'm from Germany ;) ) Maybe you can study the same? That shouldn't be a problem for you as you speak English fluently ;) Whether you can study that in Sweden as well I don't know .. but you once mentioned you could imagine moving to another country as well so maybe you can find it out ..? ;)

    1. Yes, its really something i want to do. Im very passionate about it and also hleping others reach their goals :) Yeah im planning on studying something similiar to that. Though i want to go in more with nutrition and how that works in the body etc :)

  2. what sort of sweetner do you use/recommend? I figured you were the right one to ask considering your family's healthy life style :-)

    1. I only use stevia in small amounts like mixed in quark or baking :) I dont use any sweetners with aspartame.
      Otherwise honey or agave syrup are good sweetners :) Though i prefer having a 'powder' form i.e stevia :)

    2. But you drink diet coke

    3. But thats not a sweetener

    4. I rarely drink diet sodas.... however sweetner is something i use most days :)

    5. It's aspartame in both sf jam, jacked fuel, casein, bcaa etc though :/

    6. Well im not scared of aspartame if thats what you are getting at? Its just that i prefer to not use sweetners which contain it.. hence why i use stevia? Not sure what the big deal here is.
      And in the casein i use there isnt any aspartame, not that i can see... though there is sweetner.

    7. No it was just that you Say you don't eat aspartame, but maybe you meant that stevia is the one you prefer :) It's aspartame in the casein from mm sports, unfortunately!

    8. Oh that sucks about the casein... well yeah i try to limit my consumption of aspartame.... though its not that it scares me (meaning that some people who have an obsessionw ith healthy food often are scared of things that are 'unclean' or have chemicals). And as sweetner is a regular thing i use unlike jacked fuel or casein which i use now and again i prefer to not buy the cheaper sweetners that do contain aspartame :) And also i like the taste of sweetner.
      When i checked the ingredients of the BCAA i saw that it has aspartame.... which sucks, as i use that regularly, but would prefer to not consume so much of aspartame, so thank you for letting me know about that! :)

  3. Exercise science is a good course I took in high school for this sort of study