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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Im addicted to sports clothes

Today my planning and thinking went a bit like this:

I need to pick up my start packet for the race. As the store im picking it up in is right by my gym i might as well work out (wanted to as well, ofc :)). Did strength training and finished with a run... i cover the screen and just run as far as i can and dont care about distance or time, however when i was running these thoughts of i should run a 10km, i have the energy for it... see if i can. But nope, tomorrow im going to do that outside... running on the treadmill proves nothing. It doesnt tell me whetehr i can or should run the race. I need to actually run outside. So i cut my running at 3km.

Then i went to pick up my start packet (ahhh only 6 days left ;)) and im actually having a few doubts :( :(
  But as the pick up place was in a sports store... and im addicted to sports clothes i began wandering the shop, piling clothes onto my arms, carrying as much as i could.... and into the changing room. My list of 'want to buy' was larger than the dont want to buy. However... looking at the price tags i tried to keep myself from breaking into tears ;) hahaha #sportsclothesaddictproblems
    I would have spent a little to much in there... if it wasnt for the fact that they didnt have any of my sizes... only XS or L :( But i guess thats a relief. And i left the store only carrying my starter packet. hahahah XD

The one time i seem to forget moderation and not buying things unnecessarily is when it comes to workout clothes! I mean even with things like questbars, casein, bcaas i can utilize restraint... but unless i can some 5 second realisation i am bound to leave the shop buying more than i had planned ;);)
  I have more workout clothes than normal clothes. But in all honesty, my workout clothes get washed and used more often than my normal clothes and when it comes to workout gear i like to have colours. But in my daily clothes i usually just wear black or white ;)


  1. You are soooooo stunning Izzy :)

    1. You're welcome :) you really are!

  2. The black is the best!!

    1. Yeah i really wanted to buy them but they didnt have my size :( But i have loads of nike Pros, hahaha! Can never have too many.