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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I love breakfast

This morning i was both hungry but not craving anything we had at home... infact how im feeling is bored of the same food all the time. So im reading back over all the comments you gave me on the food inspiration post and ive tried a few of the suggestions such as smoothies, wraps etc :)

After a while of doing nothing in the morning - i need those precious 10 minutes of just browsing blogs and Instagram - i started making breakfast.
   This morning it was my egg cake with quark, apple sauce, raisins and strawberries. & 2 eggs :)
And after that i was super full!!! :) Too much protein... heh heh, not so good :/

Today i have errands to run and things to do so i will be out and about for most of the day :) So hope you have a lovely day, and once i get a chance i will try to make another video blogg (o_O) and answer some of the questions. The others i will answer in writing :)


  1. Does that give you enough energy to work out?:o I Would just feel tired and unmotivated by having no carbs, but maybe thats just me!:)

    1. When you eat too much protein than your body needs, your body uses the excess protein as a glucose-like energy source. But since protein is quite hard for the body to digest, a lot of the energy from it is used in the digeting process. Our bodies work in such different ways, but for MY BODY I think it would be best if I ate a good carb source such as bread or oatmeal and had a fitting portion of protein - not too little, and not so much that it "steals" energy, and some healthy fats (the amount will depend on what kind of exercise I will be doing) :) As Izzy allways says - she doesn't post everything she eats on her blog, so she may have eaten plenty of carbs the evening before and therefore she would have full glycogen stores and that means she doesn't HAVE TO eat more carbs, but it would sertainly make it an super energy filled work out if she did! :D At least that's how MY body works, maybe Izzy's body reacts differently - and that's okay! :)

    2. Yes, I Wasnt critical, just curoius!:)

    3. Dont worry i didnt take it as critique :) Usually yes i get lots of energy from this meal, however today i felt a little slow and i guess oatmeal would have given me more energy. But usually this breakfast works great for me!
      But like the person wrote, it was a little too much protein in one meal... i didnt even think about it. So ithink that instead of giving me loads of energy it almost slowed me down a little! :)
      I dont think so much about carbs or protein or fat so id ont really plan my meals around working out, which i guess would actually be better... but i dont really feel like doing that!