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Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to make food appealing

I got asked about how to make food look and taste more appealing.

Ill beging with how to make food more appealing. Well eat the food you like. Granted, you might have convinced yourself that you dont like food, that everything tastes awful and the only foods you are allowed and like are your 'safe foods'. But thats not true, not actually. Its just that you arent letting yourself enjoy foods.

So be Honest with yourself.... What foods do you like? Do you prefer peanuts to almonds, then eat peanuts instead. Do you prefer vanilla yoghurt instead of plain yoghurt. Do you prefer latte instead of black coffee. Then choose the ones you like.
  Stop thinking about food in calories or what is healthiest or 'unhealthiest' (dont like that word.)

Instead think of food in what you like and dont like.

It took me a long time to stop taking the plain yoghurt instead of vanilla yoghurt, choosing crisp bread instead of bread, instead of taking 2 clementines instead of 1 orange.

But i had to realise that i couldnt just choose things because they were low calories, i had to face my fears. I remember the first time i actually took cheese on my sandwich and not caviar or jam. But once i started making choices that i liked eating became that bit easier because i was eating things which i liked, whether i cared to admit that or not was another story.
  I also remember the time when i was going to get to go home and eat my afternoon snack at home and when we were in the shop to buy my snack i realised i really didnt want yoghurt... i mean i ate yoghurt 3 times per day, but what i wanted was chocolate covered nuts. And the amount of courage and strength it took tto go against the voice in my head that told me to stick to my yoghurt and cereal because i could cheat with that. I could take less. But i went against the anxiety and guilt and asked if i could take chocolate covered nuts instead (it stood on my meal plan as a snack option) and first my mum was skeptical, but she realised that actually... i was more likely to eat if i was eating something i enjoyed. And that was the start of my chocolate covered nuts obsession :) And it hasnt passed ;)

^^^that is now half a portion of my trail mix, hahaha!^^

So even if its tough, if you want that ice cream GO FOR IT. Dont care about the calories, i mean you can eat plain yoghurt and berries when you are 80. Why not enjoy that ice cream with chocolate flakes now?
  Dont be scared to listen to your body... maybe you actually want cheese sandwiches or pancakes now instead of plain oatmeal. You need to allow yourself to change options. TO eat things you enjoy.

Other ways to make food more appealing, add spices and sweetners. If you are eating yoghurt or oatmeal then add honey/cinnamon/sugar/sweenter and nuts/berries/fruit/dried fruit/cottage cheese/syrup/dried banana chips/quest bar pieces/crumble a cookie into yoghurt or oatmeal etc etc
   Dont be afraid to add that extra. You like salted nuts instead of plain nuts? Go for it, i LOVE salted peanuts and cashews and would actually choose that instead of plain nuts... and thats exactly what i do! 80% of the time we have salted nuts at home instead of plain ;) (its also cheaper.)
To lunches and dinners add sauce!!! Either pre bought or make your own with creme fraiche/greek yoghurt/quark etc add spices. Add oil. Add cheese. Add coconut milk or cream.
  Dont just eat plain fish and brocolli and plain potatotoe..... Spice things up. Add extra, that wont do any harm to you!!!! And like i said above, you have the rest of your life to eat plain food... when you no longer have taste buds, then you might eat plain chicken, but for now add some coconut milk or spice it with some basil or chicken spices :)

How to make it look appealing? If im honest, i wouldnt pay too much attention to that right now. Though some might choose to do it, because it has been proven that if food looks better it also tastes better and is more appealing to eat.
  HOWEVER, it can turn into an obsession, that you have to spend 10 minutes preparing your dinner/lunch/breakfast and by the time you eat its gone cold and it almost takes the enjoyment from food because you are so obsessed with making it look good. So be aware of that, presentation isnt that important.
   WHY i take pictures of food is for my blog... so remember this ;) If i didnt have a blog i most probably wouldnt take photos, but also the way my food looks is how it looks in reality. There is no extra touch to it!!

You have to face your fears, eat your fear foods. Eat foods you like (even if your ED has convinced you that you dont like them, go against that voice).
   But also when you are going to eat, tell yourself that the food will be delicious and ALLOW yourself to enjoy it. Fight the anxiety and guilt, dont let that take over. Food IS an enjoyment. Its a basic human need (whether you care to admit this for yourself or not, its the truth. We NEED food.)
   Let yourself enjoy food!


  1. Making it look good helps you digest it better too! :)
    Awesome post Izzy! :)

  2. i really don't know what i like and dislike as i haven't tried many foods - now i don't know where to start