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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How i make my oatmeal and my favourite breakfasts

Ive gotten asked how i make my oatmeal, so here is how i make it.

Usually 1 serving as i have so many toppings and things on the side so 1dl oats with water so that it just sort of mixes with the oats and then i add in 2-3 egg whites and bring to the boil. Keep stirring and then i mix in sweetner and cinnamon. Somedays i also add crushed psyllium seeds and extra water as that gives the oatmeal even more volume.
   For variation you can make overnight oatmeal, baked oatmeal, add protein powder to your eggs or even zuchinni and the latest trend is adding cauliflower to oats? Ive never tried that, i might someday... but for now i like my egg white oatmeal :)

For toppings i love cottage cheese, jam and nuts!! But also berries or frozen berries is yummy!! And of course milk (milk isnt always added when i take photos but i always add it afterwards :))

My other favourite breakfasts are

 my sweet egg cake with quark, nuts and milk.

Quark mixed with cottage cheese, funlight & berries, nuts and usually egg on the side.

Fruit salad with yoghurt & quark & lots of nuts. Egg on the side.

^^ Those are my personal favourites but other breakfast ideas are:

Smoothies and bread with topping such as cottage cheese with avocado or chicken. Or even butter and cheese is a standard :) Or even PB and jam on bread.

Omelette with vegetables and maybe some protein source and some bread or crisp bread on the side.

Pancakes or waffles!

Hot chocolate and sandwiches is a delicious winter breakfast.

Baked oatmeal or overnight oatmeal

Banana ice cream with toppings.

Home made oatmeal cookies (i.e same ingredients as making oatmeal but you bake it and add chocolate chips or something!)

Cereal/muslie/granola with banana and milk/yoghurt & maybe an egg or something on the side.


  1. Thank you!! Daisy is so cute in the 6th picture :)

    1. ^_^ Thats how she looks every time i make a meal :)

  2. Mmmm I wish it was breakfast time now! The first time I made egg white oats I was a little freaked out as it smelt a big 'eggy', but it actually tasted great! I have always loved egg whites and really disliked egg yolks (not an ED thing, even when I was young I would give my yolks to my Dad aha) so I enjoyed it. However my parents get mad as they think I am wasting the egg by just using the whites, and think it is because I don't want the fat ): but if I am eating eggs with lunch or whatever I usually have a whole egg and an egg white.
    I am excited to have egg white oats again! I stopped having them as they made me so full and because I knew I needed to have a morning snack I didn't want to feel to full, but as of tomorrow it's time for me to eat intuitively again! I am at a healthy weight! Woo! I am having a little celebration tomorrow (: I think tomorrow I will have egg white oats in a nearly empty PB jar. Mmmm...
    I'm yet to try zuchinni oats, but I think it might taste okay. But cauliflower oats... no thank you. I like cauliflower, but it has that cabbage taste that I think would not work with oats.
    Btw, you should try finding oat bran. It's a new discovery of mine and I think the texture is better than oats! And it has a bit more protein and less carbs (not that that really matters, but it's good nevertheless). Wow I have written an essay! Have a good day!

    1. Well done on reaching a healthy weight. By the way I miss your blog.....

    2. What defines a healthy weight for you, Aimee? Yea I agree I used to read your blog all the time!! You should continue with it! :)

    3. I love breakfast, so much that i even eat brinner some days :) I get you with the yolk thing, im the same. Though i guess i almost learnt to like them to 75% anyway as i didnt want my family to think it was an ED thing, so i ate the yolks anyway and learnt to like them.
      And congratulations on reaching your healthy weight!! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, its definitely something to be celebrated!!!
      I'm yet to try caulifloats (as its called?) but im definitely apprehensive!! hahah

      Dont worry you can write as long or as short comments as you like :):)

      And as the anonymous have said if you start blogging again just let me know, would love to read!! :)

  3. Thank you Izzy, I cannot wait until I leave day care so that I can make some of your breakfast recipes at home.

    1. Thats one of the best things not being in hospital - being able to make your own food and creations!