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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Having a workout routine

For many, having a workout routine can be just the thing they need. Something that motivates them and gets them working out. So they know what they should do.... for me, that wouldnt work. Ive tried and sure it works, but it becomes too much of a routine then. And yes i like routines, but when it comes to exercise i dont want to have some pre planned routine to follow. I choose the night before or on the day what i want to do. If i even want to workout at all - though 99% of the time i do!!!
   For me if i were to follow a workout plan i would get bored it wouldnt be fun anymore... it would almost feel like a chore. Like a must. But thats not how it is with exercise... its something i look forward to. Something i can go to bed and long for in the morning!!! To get to do something i love, something i find fun and something im good at. Its an enjoyment, not a chore. And i think thats why many dont like exercise or stop doing it because it starts feeling like a chore, not something they can enjoy. They just do what everyone else does... follow some plan they dont like. Instead of asking themselves, why am i exercising? What are my goals? What do i want to get out of exercising? Do i want to change my body? Do i want to just be healthier? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Run faster? Lift heavier etc
    When you know what you want it can be easier to see exercise as something good, something bringing you closer to your goal.

I divide up my muscle groups, thats pretty mcuh the only sort of workout plan i follow and this is just to make sure i dont over train or overwork my muscles. But saying how often i will or should do cardio i dont decide, i take it on the day. Just like what muscle group i work on what day isnt decided. Some weeks i do legs twice, soem weeks i dont do legs at all... some weeks i workout 5 times a week other weeks 3 times. So it all depends and thats what i enjoy. I enjoy deciding to go for a walk one morning because thats what i want to do, not having to go to the gym and do intervals just because its on my schedule. Or doing legs one day but i want to train shoulders. Or taking a rest day when i feel i need it instead of when its scheduled. i like doing outside workouts and aeroboxing. I like changing my workout routine... somedays i do high weights, low reps other days i do low weights and high reps. Some workouts are 30 minutes others are 90 minutes. Some workouts i do 10 exercises others i do 3.
  And i love it... choosing on the day. And i notice more progress now when i just do what i want, keep shocking my body. Doing different things rather than going to the gym x amount of times each week and following the same schedule, same exercises all the time etc

For many, they need a schedule to actually get up and exercise. But for me, exercise is something i love. I dont do it because i have to but because i want to. Because it makes me happy... but if i were to follow  a schedule i would most probably become bored and feel that exericse is more a chore than an enjoyment!!!

Thats like my morning walks, i always change which route i walk so that i can see new things, walk a different way etc :) And it becomes even more fun than walking the same route 5 days a week ;)

Do you follow a workout routine or do you just choose on the day? :) (If you workout/worked out before) :)


  1. Last year I had to schedule just for my own comfort, and it worked quite well for me. I had my dance rehearsal and school gym classes on subsequent days, so I had to make sure that I wouldn't affect those by working my legs at the gym in the day before those two. That lead to that if I wanted to work my upperbod&core, it was easier to do that before those dance & school gym days.

    Now that myschool schedule differs and I don't even have school gym that much, I will have more chances to choose when I'll exercise and how, just like I have now been able to choose in summertime.

    I also kind of keep my workouts pretty much the same because I don't like most of the strenght exercises as they unfortunately often work many other muscles besides the ones I want to target. :D I need it precise, so I just keep on those that target more on that one certain spot. Haven't got bored, gladly.

    1. Yeah i follow a sort of weekly schedule when im in school though it still depends alot on how im feeling as some days im too tired. Somedays i have loads of energy so just want to do cardio etc But during school time then i have an alloted workout slot... so its like if i dont feel like working out then, then i dont workout for the day. But now in summer its like.. i can go for a walk if i want, then do strength later or cardio in the evening etc etc :)

      Thats good :) Maybe you can do some research, find new exercises that target the muscle you want to work... just to shock your body`? Can be good to try new things.

  2. Do you exercise plus working ten hours a day??

  3. i meant Izzy ;-)