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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fruit cravings!!

Today the one thing (ok fine 2 things!) on my mind was carbs and nuts!! I guess my body wanted energy! We had little food in the house so i resorted to casein pudding and popcorn. However that didnt fill me for long so when my parents came home with food and i saw all the fresh fruit it was like my heart melted. The only thing i wanted was fresh fruit!!!
  So i made myself a platter - melon, grapes, orange, small apple and pear & some walnuts on the side and a sugar free Nobe Aloe Vera drink!! ( Matches perfectly with fruit!)

Feeling satisfied and super happy now - can you tell in the pictures? - my body got the energy it needed!!! And soon its time to get ready and leave... Nervous and excited ;)


  1. Enjoy yourself tonight Izzy!
    I´ve had some cravings too :) For like three nights now I couldn´t stop eating rice cakes, with avocado and cottage cheese. I just wonder what my body is lacking? Any ideas?


    1. Thank you :) It could be energy your body wants as avocado and rice cakes contain quick energy :) Or maybe it just wants a complete meal i.e carbs, protein and fat? :)

  2. I hope you remembered to put that shirt hanging thingy (oh, H&M) back inside before you left! :D ♥

    1. Hahah, dont worry that wasnt the outift i was wearing :) I didnt even notice those little hook thing :)

  3. You do look sooooo very happy. :) That makes me smile, too. :D

    That fruit platter is my kind of snack right there! Haha, I could eat fruit endlessly!!! Just the other day for my afternoon snack I ate an entire watermelon. Haha, it was so good and so worth it. ^_^

    1. Yummm!! I love watermelon and all fruits... im one of those who either doesnt eat frui for 2 weeks and then gets loads of cravings and eats like 5 at once for a whole week! haah