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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday snacks

Its Friday evening but it doesnt feel like it... usually on Fridays i have this Im so happy its the weekend feelings. But not today? Today has just felt super strange.... its like ive been at home, in school and out and about.... and all at weird times. Like i mentioned earlier i had my first lesson at 8am and after that i went home where i spent a little more than 2 hours and ate a super early fruit & nut lunch (wasnt craving proper cooked food...) and then it was off to school again for 2 more lessons. At the end of school i was super confused of what i should do.... None of my friends could or wanted to follow with to the concert and i just didnt feel like going by myself.
   I called my mum and she said that maybe my sister wants to go with me tomorrow (so im hoping she can... i mean ive worked 20 hours on building the area for the concert so i atleast want to see the finished results!)

My mum then picked me up and we went food shopping. There is a sports shop just beside the food shop so i decided to go in and buy some questbars (its been Forever and a day since i last ate one, so i thought i would treat myself :)) and i managed to eat 2 at once as i was so hungry (thats what happens when i eat a too early lunch and not much of a proper lunch).

And then it was home again and dinner and ive also eaten plums, mangos and lots more fruit!!! Today was just a day filled with fruit i guess :)

At the moment my eyes are drooping closed so im going to go to bed early :)

I hope you've alll had a lovely day and have a lovely weekend :)

^¨Yes, i changed from jeans to a skirt ;) hahah (and now when my camera works its selfies x 200 to make up for the days without selfies ;))

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  1. Well a break from normal habits can be very refreshing, right? Makes you appreciate more what you have or it can make you look your routines in a new light :)
    Enjoy your weekend and the concert