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Friday, August 15, 2014

Food and training

Something which i thought about yesterday was how on my blog i write alot about food and training...Its never been something ive thought about. But i was thinking, how good is that really?
  Do i have nothing else to write about, or is it just that that is where all my attention is?

So after some thinking i realised that no, training and food is not where all my attention goes to. Its a part of my life, but its only like 15% of my life... i have so much else going on as well. Family, family problems, friends, friends, money issues at times, school, relationships, my feelings etc... but not all of that goes onto my blog... just like with food. The food that i do post is only about 10% of what i eat in a day. It might just be one or two meals i post, and that is not enough for anyone to judge me.
   But also, i only post meals if i think they look good. If i am tired, dont have time or energy to make food look good then i dont photograph it. I feel no need to post food photos, but if my food does look good. Or ive decided im going to make it look slightly photographic, then i have no problem taking photos and uploading it... its like i want to share how delicious my food is. I want to share my enjoyment of the meal i had just eatena nd the best way to do that? Take a yummy-looking photo.
    But to make it clear, i am not obsessed with taking photos of food or having ot have the perfect, photographic food. If it does look good, say at a restaurant then i will take photos. But that brings me to the second thing. I only take photos for my blog.... if i didnt have a blog, i doubt i would take photos of my food. Now a days i mean my family dont even ask why im standing and taking a picture of my food, they know it goes on the blog.
  Just like when i ask to have a picture taken of me on the beach... its more because blog posts are boring to read without pictures, but also i like documenting things (i.e on the beach/at the park/ on a walk etc).

When it comes to exercise, that is a big part of my life... i would say that it is almost 50% some days, hahah. Its something i invest alot of time in, i enjoy it, i read about exercise, i try new forms of exercise and i want to work with exercise and nutrition. But i do try to keep writing about exercise to a low amount as it can be so triggering. Some weeks i write more about it, some weeks les... But i guess if you follow my blog you will have figured out by now that there will come exercise and workout posts now and again!! Or mention of exercise anyway, im not going to start writing out my workouts, but i can answer exercise questions if they arent too triggering.

But i also want to bring my focus to that yes, exercise is a big part of my life, but it isnt my whole life. Its about 5% of my day and the rest of the day i spend with friends and family, or in town, or on my own etc etc i do my workout and enjoy it and the rest of the day i do other things. My whole life isnt based around exercise.... This is a question to ask yourself if you feel slightly addicted to exercise. Can you go 3 whole days where you are just with friends and family and little to no exercise and not feel guilty? If you cant, then you might need to think about that for a while
   However, feeling slightly restless because you are used to being active isnt the same thing as eating less, feeling moody and anxious because you cant workout.

I try to keep a balance of different posts on my blog, sometimes its personal, sometimes its advice, sometimes its food, sometimes its recipes etc... i try not to have too much of anything as i am more of a general/online help/personal type blog? (hahaah!)

This was just some of my thoughts but i also felt that i wanted to make it clear about food and exercise... hence why i take food photos as that isnt always a healthy thing to do, and also about exercise! :)
If you have any questions its just to ask.


  1. I think you do not have to justify for anything you are writing here. I kinda hate it when people leave stupid comments but I always think that if they don't like what I'm sharing then they shouldn't be reading at my site. I like what you are posting. You meals always look delicious and you are so active and reading all this really spends some hope. Cause you really turned around complete and I bet sometimes you were thinking that you are a hopeless case like all of us are thinking sometimes. But you make a very good example and you needn't justify yourself. Just keep on blogging.

    Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Germany. Hope my English isn't too bad, it's way too long ago that I was in contact with the language but I loved it in school :)

    1. Thank you! ^_^ And your english is great, you dont need to worry about that! :)

  2. Dear Izzy, yes, i think you write a bit too much about exercising and food. Es this is still a recovery blog it is okay to write about these both parts, just to show people, that both can become normal part of a life.
    But i often wondered, why there is SO MUCH about it going on here. All the exercise selfis, all the food pictures. E.g. the ones of your breakfast, to be honest, most of them look kind of the same. It is okay, bc you eat what you love and if its the same its ok. But why posting it so often?

    You said that there is so much other stuff in your life...for me i can assure you i`d love to know more about you. When i tell someone about your blog and the person would ask me about you, i could tell a long story about mando and sickness AND getting better, a story which gaves hope.
    But if the one would ask about your nowadays life...i would say: well....she trains a very lot, she goes for daily powerwalks and later to the gym, he loves nuts and natural sweets, she loves baking and her dog, she likes nike :-) and doing the dishes^^. She has a sister, a mother and a stepfather.
    This pretty much is all i come to know about you...AND IT IS TOTALLY OKAY if you just want to share this with the world!!! You decide!

    some days ago i wanted to tell my husband something about you, dunno what it was...i was: I told you about this blog from the little Swedish?
    He was: Ah, the one with the exercise addiction?

    I never said to him you were exercise addicted! But i had shown him some pictures and entrys from your blog and told him how often you were doing work outs.
    So he made up his own opnion. write so less about your friends, your school, your friends in Ireland, your Dad...i e.g. would love to know more about daily life in Sweden!


    1. I found this comment slightly negative and did affect me a little.... :/ For exercise seflies... well, thats what i do :) I like taking them and i love seeing progress! And with food.... if it looks good i want to share it, even if its the same thing everyday, thats what i eat.

      About my personal life... i feel that many arent so interested in that.. i already post so much about myself and my day. And i can trust you, exercise is NOT the only thing in my life, and i dont do powerwalk and strength training everyday... if you follow my IG? It sounds like it... then maybe you should avoid doing that as it might be triggering for you....?

      I do write alot about my daily life but really my life isnt that exciting so there isnt much to write about. I mean if im with friends or out in town, i dont always mention that or it might just be a brief one sentence... i try to have personal posts, advice posts, food, recipes etc etc a bit of everything. But its so hard to please everyone as some want to read some things, others dont want to read other things etc etc
      So i just try my best. And in the end, i still blog for my sake and what i want to blog about.

    2. So honey if you do not want honest answer please do nort ask.

  3. I don't think izzy is exercise addicted at all... It is something which she enjoys, just like she enjoys baking, watching series, being with her dog, etc... And other people like different things as well... If you notice, when izzy doesn't feel like exercising, she won't; this clearly proves that she is not exercise addicted... And it is not as if she does it to lose weight because then she would try and figure out how much she exercises vs how much she eats. As to the personal posts, I am not izzy but I feel like maybe that is something which is very close to her and those included(ex: her family and friends) don't necessarily want to be in her blog... However, her food and exercise are things which she decides on so she can post...

    1. Thank you, yeah thats pretty much it... family and friends i avoid talking so much about on here, and i often feel like nobody really cares about what i have to say.. i.e about me and i feel ive already posted everything about me!! haah

    2. But she went very early back to gym exercising with her bad uncle. This has nothing to do with enjoying...YES i JUST SAY BLANK AND FREE MY OPINION and do not pamper Izzy!

    3. what? you can think what you want and YES it is enjoyment.... but feel free to judge me and have your own opinion, you dont have to follow my blog, im not forcing anyone to. If you get triggered or whatever, then thats your business.

  4. I love reading about your food and exercise. It really inspires me to recover from anorexia.

    I like it when you post recipes too..... hint hint!!!

    1. hahaha, ill try post more recipes... its hard to find them though ? o_O