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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First day back at school

First day back at school and i can say it was super tiring. It felt weird to be back in my school, walking down the hallways, seeing all the students again. It feels like im not ready for school to begin again... getting my schedule and just sighing. Because thats all i can do.
   When i came home the first thing i did was sit down and tryt o figure out how i am going to make everything work together for the next year.... Early mornings and late evenings. Either early morning workouts or 5/6pm workouts, or no workouts at all. My social life will pretty much only be on weekends.... how my blogging and emailing will go, thats just to see how it goes....
Its funny how, ive had 2 months break, but first day back and im already tired. And already feeling stressed... Ive lost all my stress coping skills and i can feel the stress creeping back up.Thats not good.

First day back and it was first an assembly where the teachers, principle, head teacher etc all made their speeches, reminding us that its hard work that is number 1 this year. But also to have fun and that this year will pass by like seconds on a clock. Then it was filling out of forms, school rules, library rules and many other rules and new changes. Such as exam time is no longer 8am Monday morning, but 3pm Thursday afternoon..... First when i heard we wouldnt have exams Monday morning, but then when i heard it was the afternoon on Thursday it was just to hold back the protest i wanted to voice. (Though the rest of my class voiced their disappointment over this change anyway.)

Then it was lunch, but no proper lunch only sandwiches. And only 10 sandwiches left for a class of 32? Yup, our class got left behind. So i had to share half a sandwich with a friend and no time to eat anything else until the school activities began which was getting to know the rest of the school and involved walking the streets around the school and doing a bunch of activities in the rain.....And yes i was in shorts and a t-shirt, because sometimes i dont know how to dress for weather ;);)

Finally it was 3pm and with tired eyes and a tired mind i waited 15 minutes for the bus to come, but bought myself a questbar as i was in desperate need of energy. And then when i came home i ate 1,5 portions of my yoghurt mix with muslie & 3 crisp bread.... I was full too bursting point then.
   And since then ive sat making lists of what i need to buy for school, how my schedule will look and how i will plan and organize everything. For me, planning and organization is key to making my life float by and get everything done.

Though until i can buy a calender (hopefully tomorrow) everything will just be written in messy lists on notepads ;) Not much organization there.

Tomorrow its school from 8am to 4pm..... Back to the good old school days ;);)

^^I already miss summer ;) hahaha

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