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Monday, August 25, 2014

Energy giving breakfast

People often say that breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, though thats not always the case for me. Infact you could almost say that breakfast is one of the smallest meals, somedays anyway, for me. But today i made a super energy giving and filling breakfast.
    1 orange, 1 big apple, 1 nectarine, bowl of frozen strawberries, quark & cottage cheese & mix of nuts and seeds!! Perfect combined with an Aloe Vera and a coffee!
   This breakfast gave me a super amount of energy today and should keep me going for a while (though a mid morning snack will also be needed as i dont have lunch until 11 or 12 today. looked on my schedule... lunch at 12.30???!

After school today i also need to leave my phone to be fixed (all the photos are taken with my Olympus camera or someone elses mobile camera :)) Hopefully it wont take long to be fixed, but i have bad experiences with phone companies. First time i left my phone to be fixed the company lost my phone and didnt give me a new phone until 3 or 4 months later? And they promised me a 16gb memory card as well which i never got. The second time i sent my phone to be fixed they had it for about 3 weeks before they rang and said they couldnt fix it. And i once sent my phone to be fixed and had forgotten to take my memory card out and when i got my phone back my memory card was gone... so yeah, safe to say im a little worried that i wont have a phone for a few weeks or months.
Anyway, onto the actual topic of this post which was my breakfast, which you see below :)

Thats how my breakfast looked today, What did YOU eat for breakfast? :)


  1. Oh my! Your breakfast looks soo good!! :) today (which is still Sunday ;)) I had french toast with watermelon and a little scrambled eggs. It was delicious!

  2. What is Aloe Vera drink? I don't have this in my country!


  3. Muesli with Almond milk, blueberries and strawberries and green tea

  4. Eggwhite-oatmeal with lots of greek yoghurt, frozen berries, cinnamon, kardamom (?), a chrisp bread with two slices of chicken and salad and bell pepper. Yum yum! Delicious after a morning walk :) Do you have any suggestions on how to increase my protein intake. What are good sources of protein? I am trying to gain some strength and want to eat enough protein for my body! :)

    1. I'm not Izzy but thought I could help because I'm in the same situation as you ;)
      Good sources of protein: fish (salmon, tuna, halibut), milk, yogurt, soy milk, tofu, chicken and turkey breast, eggs, cheese (cheddar, cottage cheese, swiss), seeds (flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds), nuts (peanut, almond, pistachio) I'm sure there's more :)
      You can also try protein powder, protein cookies etc.
      Btw your breakfast sounds delicious :)

    2. Aw! Thank you :) I will try to eat more of those foods :)

  5. Today I had a really typical breakfast of oat bran, topped with nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and an orange on the side! Your breakfast looks so good!

  6. English muffin with cottage cheese, apple and hot roasted black coffee!
    I love your breakfasts!! Could you do a 'breakfast menu' post with lots of breakfast ideas please omg hahhha :-)

  7. I would love you to do a 'breakfast menu' too as I feel I need a change.

  8. I had homemade zucchini pancakes with a poached egg and salsa, and then sliced up an orange to have fruit on the side. Not too bad :)