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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Don't forget to rest

One of the things I'm noticing more and more, even in normal, healthy people. Is how they get anxiety for resting. For not doing a workout etc I've been there. I know the feeling.  It feels like jusy resting one day and suddenly you will gain 5kg,  you won't have any muscles left and all your progress will be gone. But ask yourself really.... is that realistic or even probable?
Resting DOESNT make you fat just like eating a burger or two won't make you fat. It's what you do 90% of the time that matters.  I mean if you have an unhealthy diet and do nothing at all for a long period of time, it's not like if you eat a salad and go for a walk that you will lose weight. Just like if you are active most of the time and have a healthy diet it's not like you will gain weight because you rest a few days and eat some candy.

Infact, if you are very active rest is important and needed. You do more harm skipping rest days than working out everyday for weeks on end. I see people on IG working out 1-2 times a day,  every day for weeks on end. No rest day. Or their rest day involves an 8km powerwalk. ... to me, that isn't so healthy. When you workout you break down your muscles.  You dont actually make them stronger. It's during rest and with food they become stronger. That's why it's so important to eat enough and to get 7-9 hour sleep while exercising regularly.

Rest is not something to be feared. Find something to do with your day and with yourself instead of sitting feeling.guilty and anxious because you aren't working out. Infact, you know what i suggest. ...if you feel guilty for skipping workouts, having to take unexpected rest days or just for having rest days at all. Then i suggest you take a rest week. Only going walks or stretching or no exercise at all.... see how it feels.  What happens. You need to face the fear and anxiety of rest. I had to do that in recovery.  I burnt out a few times too many realising that i was over working my body. It doesn't get yiu anywhere. I can tell you from first hand experience.  You just end up depressed, bloated and with lots of anxiety. Exercise no longer fun.
Learn to take rest days, take more rest days the weeks you need them. Don't feel bad for not working out.... by listening to your body. Resting when your body says it needs it, THAT will help you. Not pushing yourself to your absaloute limit.
On rest days I suggest having spa days, eating yummy food, meeting friends, lying in bed and watching films. etc etc
    Constantly pushing yourself won't get you anywhere, learn to knw your bodies limits. And fight the anxiety you get from resting.!!
   Balance is important.

2 of my favourite things are 1) to exercise, be active... out running, lifting heavy weights, always on the go. I am very active, have lots of energy and restless. But i also love lying in bed, not doing anything. Just resting. And its important to find balance between these 2..... to not just spend my whole life lying in bed. But not running around like crazy, always on the go. Because neither is good!

Also remember. In recovery FULL rest is important.. awit until you are close or at your goal weight before you begin exercising. Otherwise you do more harm than good!!! You can exercise later.. you have the rest of your life for it. For now, learn to rest and enjoy it!


  1. How does a rest day for Izzy look like?

    1. Either i spend the whole day watching series and eating... wondering what im doing with my life :) (and if daisy is at home i do need to take her for walks so usually i go for a few short ones during the day).
      Or i meet friends like now in summer i go out to the beach with my family or friends or do other things :) Usually run errands and that. But i stay away from doing too muc exercise and that. Somedays i do yoga or foam rolling on rest days, because it helps with recovery and feels good :)