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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Consequences of purging

I have several posts about purging which i will link (below) however in this post i thought i would write about the dangers/consequences of purging. Because sometimes all you need is a wake up call... you need to realise the facts. See black on white what could happen if you keep purging.
   Purging, just like self harm, exercise etc are used as coping methods when ill. You want to run away from your feelings and the anxiety so you find some form of coping however purging is not a healthy way of coping. It has negative effects which will catch up to you sooner or later... the anxiety will get stronger and you'll soon realise that purging doesnt actually stop the guilt or anxiety over eating, you still dont feel 'clean or unfull.'  The guilt over eating still lingers so you resort to something else.. instead you need to face the actual problem. The fear and guilt, not try to run from it.

Here are some helpful posts which you might want to read before/after or maybe not at all because you dont care?

Binge Purge My story & some advice

Consequences of purging.

Lets begin with the throat... with all the acid reflux it can cause severe heart burn (due to all my years of purging i now have constant acid reflux and medicine doesnt help.) Your esophagus can also tear and bleed from all the purging and worst case scenario you can end up with throat cancer. Also if you use objects or your fingers to make yourself purge this can cause an irritation in your throat, sore throat from all the bacteria and also leads to so called 'chip munk cheeks'.
You can pop blood vessels in your eyes making you look like you are high (on drugs), you get awful bad breathe and your teeth begin to rot and decoy. (In a few years time you will be regretting that you purged when you have thousands to pay for dentist appointments or your teeth begin falling out or have been eroded to small stumps.)

And onto the digestive system.... you can end up with cancer in your bowls. You end up constipated, your bowls dont function properly and you might have to use laxatives for the rest of your life or you might always need some form of 'help' to go to the bathroom. Severe stomach cramps and bloating. You can even ruin your digestive system so much that your stomach will be constantly bloated, you will have a slow metabolism and your digesttive system doesnt work the way it should and doesnt absorb nutrients.

Malnourishment... your body doesnt get the vitamins or minerals it needs. So you are left with thinning hair, feeling cold, lack of concentration due to not enough nourishment, feeling tired, depressed, dizziness.
   Also if your bdoy doesnt get the nutrients it needs this affects all your organs and a lack of potassium affects your kidneys which can lead to death or even cardiac arrest.
Lack of fluid (Dehydration) can lead to bloating, your metabolism slowing down, dizziness, fainting, kidney failure, heart failure, seizures, Death.

Gastric Rupture (spontaneous stomach erosion, perforation or rupture.) Or Gastrointestinal Bleeding. 
Swelling in your face, throat, cheeks etc

Iron deficiany (anemia) and osteoporosis, arthritis, amenorrhea (lack of period).

SO MANY CONSEQUENCES of frequent purging or purging for a long time. Your body doesnt get the nutrients it needs.
    Ask yourself, is purging really worth it? One meal wont make you fat, 6 meals a day wont make you fat or gain weight. Eating a whole chocolate bar wont make you gain weight... Just keep it IN. Find a GOOD coping mechanism... something which can help you to distract yourself from the guilt and anxiety. And fight AGAINST the thoughts in your head. You DONT need to purge, infact you are being strong for not purging.

Nothing bad will happen because you sit down and let your body digest the food you just ate, whether it was a chicken salad or 3 bowls of cereal and 4 chocolates. It doesnt matter if it was a binge or just a normal meal, purging WONT help solve the problem. Purging is addictive, but you CAN break the addiction.

If you need more advice just ask and ill try write a new post if needed :)

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