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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chicken and vegetable pie

Today i got the weirdest craving... Chickpea pie and Mozarella! Very weird! My mum things it could be salt which is very likely as today i ran a 10km (!!!) YES :) And it went super well... though it also means extra sweat.. so need more salt!

I didnt follow any recipe so can just post the ingredients...

I threw together chickpea flour, psyllium seeds, potatoe fiber, baking powder, quark, egg whites, salt and water and mixed into a sort of dough. Put into a form and into the oven for 15 minutes on 175 degrees. And then i mixed together milk and eggs & extra egg whites & veggies and chicken. Poured into the crust and then topped with mozarella!!
  Yummmmm!!  Though i wasnt patient enough to wait until the mixture had fully solidified but it was delicious anyway, and ive eaten half of the form :) :) 

Pies = YUMMM! I love eating new things and not just the same old, same old! :) && the topping of the mozarella made the whole thing 100% yummier :)


  1. this looks soooo delicious could you please try to remember the recipe??:) hhaah

    1. I dont follow recipes... i just throw everything together in a bowl. Ive been baking for years so i know how things work together and how much liquid vs. dry ingredients. :/ But i really should start measuring the ingredients!!

  2. Hey Izzy, are you interested in having any guest posters? I blog at (instagram: lordstilllovesme) and I have a lot of posts on ed recovery that I think your readers would enjoy- let me know! Love your blog. :)

    1. If you want to do a guest post for me then you can send me a post or your article and ill try post it :)

  3. That sounds serioulsy delicious!! Healthy aswell :) do you mind writg how much you eat on a day you're running so far? Does that make you hungrier than strength training of is it the same?:)

    1. It was both healthy and delicious :)
      I am actually hungrier on the days i do strength training than on running.. i find that days when i run so far i struggle to eat as much as i need... hence why before when i was running 10km 5 days a week i was undereating and also couldnt build or even maintain muscles. So now i dont run that far so often as i feel that it doesnt work so well for me.