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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Charlottes Helix

A few days ago i gopt emailed and told about this new research which is being done on the connection between genetics and eating disorders. According to scientists, there is a connection and they have known for a long time... i guess thats why in some treatment centres the staff/doctors like to blame the parents for the child becoming sick, something which i dont agree with. I dont think the blame should be put on parents, but i do think that there is a possibility that eating disorders ARE genetic...? Why are some people more at risk of having an eating disorder... usually if there is someone in your family who has an ED its likely that others will develop it as well.
  Also people with an ED often think the same, have the same thoughts... hence why many find my blog and realise they arent alone. That the thoughts they have, someone else has also had them and you can relate. Though that is also due to starvation.... the mind becomes something else, behaves in different ways when it is starved. Or when its obsessed with exercise or depressed etc

However, back to the actual study....

What is Charlottes Helix?

Charlotte's Helix was founded in the UK to honour the eating disorder advocacy work of
 Charlotte Bevan.  It is part of a global effort to collect DNA samples from over 25,000 
individuals who have had anorexia at any time in their life, otherwise known as #AN25K.

The goal of Charlotte’s Helix is to add at least 1,000 UK DNA samples to #AN25K  (Source: X)

If you want to donate or help with this research and funding of the project go here: Once i am able to i will definitely be 
donating what i can. Because if they can somehow figure out what gene there is that causes
an eating disorder then thats one step closer to helping people and to fight the illness.

If you are in the UK and want to maybe participate in the research click here:

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