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I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebratory snacks & prerun food!

Whats the perfect way to upload for a race..... and to celebrate?

Ben and Jerrys, trail mix and of course my favourite energy drink!!! :)
  If you've been reading my blog for the past few weeks you will have noticed that i have been saying i want Ben and Jerrys but just havent had the money to buy it.... or more, havent wanted to spend my money on it! And i like to havea  reason to eat it - most times - as it adds to the specialness of the food!
I wasnt actually craving trail mix/chocolate covered nuts or ben and jerrys... but Hey, I need to celebrate and have a good amount of energy for this evening. And even if im not craving it, i know i can eat atleast half of that tub and some nuts and enjoy every bite of it!!! :)  Because food is delicious whether im craving it or not :)

Dont worry, i didnt reuse the spoon afterwards :) hahahah...
   Are dogs even allowed ice cream? Most probably not... :( But she was using her puppy-eyes on me, i couldnt resist!!! :)


  1. Did you really eat both ben and jerrys and nuts? isnt that alot of calories :( do you worry about calories?

    1. Yesi ate about 75% of the trail mix and 50% of the B&J (the rest is for after the race :):)), And i nejoyed every bite of it... :) I dont worry about calories, eating this now and again wont kill me/make me fat or make me gain weigt. Its food, delicious food. I eat it in modertion and i dont see food as numbers.
      I eat what i enjoy!!! And so what if its an excess of calories today, that wont do me any harm it will just give me lots of energy to live my life! :) Dont see food as numbers or calories, let go of all the calorie counting and thinking that eating ice cream now and again will make you fat, because it wont!

    2. Plus she has cf. If regular people ate as much as she does... We would be fat. She just needs more

    3. Well normal people can have days where they eat excess calories, that doesnt necessarily mean they gain weight... if they were to overeat everyday or to eat B&J everyday then that might not be so good. But its not just because i have CF.

  2. looks delicious. enjoy and have a good race! and i like the photos, they look really good!! what camera do you use?

    1. Thank you, it was delicious. I actually used my Camera today (an Olympus) so they look a little better than mobile photos!

  3. To the first comment, so what if it is a lot of calories?? Life isn't about calories, it is about having the small moments of enjoyment. Izzy does not need to go on a diet and she is just about to run a 10 km race so i think she has all the reasons to need the energy and eat what she feels like... Also, she wrote that she does not eat it everyday if you noticed so from time to time there is no problem with treating yourself!! And if you look at her post from this mornng, today is her 2nd health-iversary (2 years since she has been declared healthy from an eating disorder); in this post, she wrote about how her life has improved since she was freed from her ED, and i think something very important in this is that you don't always look at food as calories but rather as something you enjoy!! This doesn't mean going to an extreme, it just means that for people who don't have to watch their weight for health reasons, there is no problem in choosing foods such as ben&jerry's from time to time...(just as this isn't good to eat everyday, eating 10 apples a day isn't good for you either)

    1. Thank you, and you're right. I dont eat this type of stuff everyday, and so what if its an excess of calories one day, that wont kill me/make me fat or make me gain weight. Food is to be enjoyed, not seen in numbers :) And i definitely enjoy this now and again :) :) Perfect balance!!!

  4. Please be careful of what you feed your dog; seriously chocolate can kill dogs!
    But there are a lot of snack alternatives you can give to your dog instead. I for example share carrots, apple slices, broccoli and other fruits and veggies with my dog, he loves it! :)

    Btw, I love reading your blog & hope you have a nice day! ^_^

    1. Dont worry it wasnt any of the chocolate or fillings and it was just to lick the spoon, but you are right...i shouldnt have -_-'
      And thank you!

    2. I wouldn't worry too much - one Christmas someone sent us a bar of chocolate and we didn't know, so just put it under the tree. The next morning it was gone - my dog had eaten the whole block! She had a belly ache but was just fine (she's a small dog too) (: