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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Breakfast stress

This mornings breakfast was not how i thought it would be... I thought i would have time to have a peaceful breakfast... waking up before the rest of the house which is usually the case on weekends (and weekdays!!!)
  But today neither my bodies clock system (where i usually wake up at around 7.-8am without an alarm) or my actual alarm woke me up... so i woke up in a flurry and once i enter the kitchen i get told that we are going to an apartment viewing in an hour?! When was that decided? I had told my mum that i didnt have time to look at apartments this week or weekend and she had said fine, we'll do it next week.

Anyway, i had to quickly get myself ready, prepare breakfast, eat breakfast, try to wake up etc etc I dont really know why i chose to ate watermelon (ok i wanted it!) but it wasnt such a smart choice as its so messy!!! ^_^

Anyway, no more time for blogging! Its time to go :)

Below you see some very bad quality pictures of my breakfast :)


  1. Same here! We were told just this week we had till end of September to look for a new apartment and now I just spent my whole afternoon - it's almost night here already - running from one place to the other, yeeey... Good luck ;)

    1. Good luck to you to :)Its always tough knowing you have to move, but not sure where to move!

  2. Me too!! :) visited five apartments this afternoon!! :p tiring... Good luck to both of you!! :)

    1. Apartment viewing is definitely tiring! I hope you find an apartment you like :)