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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Breakfast & L Glutamine

In my package that i got a while ago from My Protein i got both protein cookies and L Glutamine. However i was a little slow to start using the L Glutamine mainly because first i wanted to know the benefits of it and if there are any side effects. Just like before starting to use any supplements i look to see what its for and why it can be helpful to use.
   Glutamine is an amino acid - a building block of protein and can help with recovery time after training. So im going to give it a go and see if it gives me any benefits or makes a difference :) If you want me to write more about L Glutamine let me know :)

For breakfast i ate my sweet egg cake, strawberries and milk & L Glutamine. And because i wasnt satisfied (yup, it was a small breakfast!) i ate 3 crisp bread with spread and a coffee :) :)

Today my plans are a strength training workout, then lunch, and then i think we are going food shopping followed by of course more food :) And this evening i am going to have a game night with my friends including lots of snacks Bring on the chocolate and candy!!!!XD
Im not much of a TV game player, but i can give it a go. But i just want to spend time with my friends :) Ohhh... and im also going for the candy :)

How are you spending your Friday? :)


  1. Dear izzy,
    i am turning to you, because i am a little lost right now..
    i am struggling, because i am afraid of eating too much and not finding a Balance..
    But i feel so hungry a lot of the time and really can't figure out why.
    For example : for breakfast i had a really big bog bowl of raisins, a Lot of mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, blueberries, plum and apple topped with coconut drink and two cups of coffee..
    but only two or three hours later i am starting to feel so hungry as if i hadn't eaten anything. As if there was a hole in my stomache.
    all of my collegues have breakfast and then start getting hungry at lunchtime(at around 12 or 1pm)again. Why do i keep getting hungry??
    it is almost the same with Lunch.
    Sometimes i have cheese with salad and potatoes, sometimes a big piece of bread with salad yoghurtsauce and veggie omelettes, nuts, even chocolate or icecream.
    But Shortly afterwards i could eat again and this constant hunger is starting to drive me nuts :(
    And i am not underweight..

    maybe you have a tip for me? i am kind of desperate, i would like to eat enough to be healthy, but can't really be eating all the time, can i?

    it would mean alot to me, if you would find the time to send me a reply. but of course, i understand when you are busy and have enough mails and other messages to answer to, as well as a life besides all that ;-)

    lots of love..

    1. To me, it doesnt sound like you are supser hungry or anything.... everybody is different. I am the same way, i eat breakfast and an hour later i can be hungry again or 3 hours later. I always eat every 2-4 hours as thats what my body needs. Dont compare how or what you eat with others.

      I think you should eat when you are hungry, even if you are normal weight, Dont try to complicate things or think i can only eat x amount of times.. or i eat more than others. That doesnt matter... hunger is a sign that your body needs energy. You could be extra hungry because of hormones, stress, feelings, etc etc and its normal to feel hungry every2-4 hours.

      You could try eating more foods like oatmeal, sweet potatoe, eggs, chicken, avocado etc as that leaves you fuller for longer rather than just eating nuts and seeds and fruit as that doesnt leave you full for long.
      Try eating more regularly through out the day and see if that helps. The hunger could eb that you arent and havent been eating enough... diont restrict or deprive yourself just because you are normal weight. But eat enough. Drink lots of water through out the day as well. See if that helps.

      Listen to your body, trust your body. Eat when you are hungry. And try eating more protein, oatmeal and healthy fats as that keeps you fuller for longer. But it could alkso be that your metabolism is working hard i.e a faster metabolism means you are more hungry and also that your body is burning more.

  2. Dear K. hunger issues are individuell. When you know you get hungry between breakfat and lunch just plan having a snack. Great are bananas! Do not compare yourself to others. It just will make you feel uncomfortable. Everyone is individuell and you will never know, what every person exactly eats. Just care for yourself.

  3. Dear Izzy, as long as you eat balanced and enough you do nOT NEED any of your expensive products including questbars, protein shakes or protein cookies. Spend your money for better things.

    1. Yes i know that... i eat questbars because i like them and i only use casein because once again, i like it. And with the glutamine and protein cookies i got to try them for free, and i was curious about how they tasted and if they were good so i said yes. I dont eat foods because of their macros or calorie content but because i like them.- And if i choose to spend money on that, then its my choice.

    2. Yes quest bars may be a little bit expensive but my god they are delicious and definitely worth the money!! Plus why spend money on anything else when you could spend it on something you really enjoy! :)

  4. L Glutamine review, please!! :) J