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Monday, August 18, 2014

Be You, dont try to be anyone else

Often i hear via comment or email that many of my readers look up to me, see me as an inspiration. But at the same time, they wish they could live like me, look like me and eat like me. They wish they could eat as 'healthy' as me or workout as much as me... but the thing is, i dont see my diet as 'healthy' or 'unhealthy'. To me, no food is unhealthy in moderation... i mean eating too many tomatoes is unhealthy just like eating too many french fries. But if you were to eat a mix of apples and burgers then you would have sort of balanced diet and it would be considered healthy. But you also have to remember that what is healthy for me, might not be healthy for you.

I dont count macros or calories, so i have no idea how much i eat on a daily basis... or i have a rough idea but whether i eat -500 or +500 one day, that i dont know or care about.
   And with the way i look, well that comes from genes as well as working out. If i didnt work out i would most probably still be very skinny . With working out, that is something i do for ME. Its something i love and the truth is, not everyone loves/likes it.  Please dont ever feel pressured to exercise just because you want to look a certain way or just because everyone else is exercising. It WONT make you feel happy, and if you are only exercising to change your body it will feel like a chore rather than an enjoyment. Granted, working out whether its running, zumba, pilates or weight lifting it is tough, it is a challenge... but if you enjoy it, its a fun challenge. Its not like you are doing the exercise and thinking, i want to die, i never want to come back again, this is the worst thing ive ever done i dont understand why im here. But you force yourself to go back again next week, hating every moment of it.... its more of a Wow, this is tough... should i just stop now... No, i might as well keep going, i know i can do this. And its a sort of burn, but not a i am never doing this again, this is torture burn/thoughts.

Its great that you can look up to me, that i can inspire you .But what i want to inspire you with is HEALTH. Not my lifestyle... my lifestyle is mine. Its work makes me happy and works for me. For others they have completely different routines and habits which works for them and makes them happy.
   Thats like with food, the food i like not everyone else likes... and you shouldnt force yourself to eat something just because everyone else is eating it.... i.e say you hate lettuce but you make yourself eat it just because its 'healthy'.

What i want to inspire you with, and what you should take from me and my lifestyle is to find YOUR healthy. What is healthy to you? What makes you happy physically and mentally? Does going for morning swims make you happy, or lying in bed and eating breakfast in bed? Evening walks or movie time with your family? What foods do you love eating and look forward to eating (but dont forget to experiment and tyr new foods!)? Do you like spending time alone or with friends and family?

You need to find what works for YOU, what makes YOU happy and healthy. Dont try to copy me and what i do, or anyone else for that matter. Even if you were to eat just like me or exercise just like me, you wouldnt look like me.
  Its great if i can inspire people to want to eat ALOT and MORE, that is my aim! To not be afraid of treats, to eat what your body is craving, to enjoy exercising, not do it to compensate or just to burn calories.

In recovery its all about finding YOU again, finding who you are, what you enjoy doing. And its great to be inspired, but you need to find what you enjoy not copy others!

I am happy with the way i live, i am happy with everything in my life. The way i look, my family, my health, my friends, our house, my diet, my routines etc etc And thats what YOU need to find as well. And you wont get that from trying to be someone else.

Happiness comes from accepting and loving yourself and finding what YOU love and doing that!


  1. I used to be like this so much. I spent all day wishing I was someone else, and even if I saw attractive or happy people on the street I wished I could be them. I wanted anything other than to be myself. I would see girls shopping, eating together, while I walked and ate on my own and didn't have any friends. But then one day I realised how good my life actually was, and all of the great things I had. Then all of a sudden I became excited to be me! How great that we can decide what we do/don't like, what we want to do/eat/go, etc. Freedom! Now I am happy to be me!
    I think that's the problem with technology being so integrated into our lives now. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others which makes us feel inadequate and wishing we were someone else.
    Just be happy to be alive!

    1. I used to do that as well... i would be jealous of other people... complete strangers who seemed to look happy or who had good fashion sense or just looked super pretty. That was just because i wasnt happy with myself or how i looked. But comparing myself, trying to be someone else didnt make me happy either. It was when i started finding what i like to do, how i like to look and began living a life i liked that i felt happy and didnt feel the need to try to be anyone else! I find the same thing with technology and social media.. it has its good sides, but also its bad sides.

  2. Excellent post, Izzy! I respect you for addressing this subject. It is very likely for someone to compare oneself to someone online even from just a picture. I've done that myself. Look at pictures of people, look up celebrities weight, want to be someone else etc. Now that I say this it sounds so silly! I am trying to stop and you are very much helping me :) It's better to focus on yourself. You will be there always and someone else will come and go.

    1. Exactly.. ive done that as well, try to be someone else... but that didnt make me happy. It was when i started loving and accepting myself thati didnt feel the need to keep changing or trying to someone i'm, not. Its a learning processs, but learn to be happy with yourself :)