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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Be spontaneous

Today has definitely not turned out how i thought it would... but thats ok. Thats life... I cant control everything in life and plans change. Its just to go with the flow ;) Only a year or so ago (ok, roughly 2 years ago) a change of plans would give me slight anxiety. I didnt quite know how to cope or be spontaneous...if i made a plan, then i had to stick to it!!

After stressing with breakfast and ready to go look at the apartment my mum tells me that we wont be going to look at the apartment for another few hours.... -_-' Thanks for that. So then i decided to go to the gym but before i was going to leave i got into an argument with my mum...a silly arguement really. I guess thats how it is with teenage daughters and mums... But i just felt so upset and angry.. to many emotions and thoughts. And when i was in the elevator down i realised that going to the gym just wouldnt work today, i would end up standing there holding weights and crying. haha. So i went back up again, changed into running gear, put on a cap and out i went..... did both running and walking. Though mostly walking as my ankle has started swelling a little, so need to be careful with that (it doesnt hurt though which is good!)
   The good thing about wearing a cap is that nobody can see your face... i had no make up on, my hair was just in a pony tail and i was close to tears several times.... but nobody could see that ;)

I then stopped at an outside gym where i did some circuit training and it felt so good!!! To just be in nature, have loud music on and be super creative!!! Maybe i  will start going to outside gyms more often these next few weeks, while its still ok weather and light out :):)

It all took longer than expected so then my parents picked me up from the outside gym and we went to look at the apartment. And i can say, i really like it!! I can 90% imagine myself living there and the rest of my family are positive about it aswell, so maybe that will be our new apartment and actually.... i would be very happy about it!! :) So thats all positive. Though we are going to look at a few more apartments and weigh the pros and cons of all the apartments :)

But it feels good..... it feels like this change, this move would be a positive one! Change is always a little scary, but this change would just be good..... Though like i said, pros and cons of everything :)

Now its time for a late lunch and then this evening my sister and I will go to the festival :) :)

Remember, You cant control life and thats OK!!!! Just go with the flow, dont panic and freak out because things didnt go the way you planned. Thats life! Just make a change!


  1. I'm so sorry you got into an argument with your mom. It can be tough but you just have get through it, in some cases admit you were wrong, sometimes both are and sometimes you're the one that was right all a long. Arguments are complicated and I personally don't like fighting especially with family/friends but I think sometimes it's good to get everything out in the open and express your feelings. And yes, sometimes you say things you regret saying later but just think what the right thing to do is, what's fair to both of you.
    That's great! I'm looking for a house too and am pretty excited! A little nervous about moving to a completely different area but still excited :)
    I just wanted to let you know that the package I sent you should be there in 4-6 days. If what they told me at the post office is true of course :)

    1. Its always a bit exciting and a bit nervous to move, but hopefully it will be a good change for you :)

  2. I love all of your exercise clothes! Where do you buy them from? I'm looking for some really good quality exercise you have any recommendations? :) enjoy the festival!
    Rosie x

    1. Thank you :) I wrote a post about this... but i think Nike are really good (especially the dry fit) but also H&M make good quality sports clothes :)

  3. whats your weight these days?

    1. No idea... we dont have a scale at home but also i dont really care about the number on the scale. It doesnt say so much to me... but also the number shouldnt matter to anyone else either ;)

  4. I love your arms! Out of curiosity, who took these pictures of you? Did you go with a friend or do you normally ask random people to take your picture? :)

    1. Thank you :) Some of them i took myself but the ones where im running its my sister who took them (I had just met them as we were going to look at the apartment) i didnt even really know she was taking the photos :)
      And nope i dont ask strangers ;) Though i often ask my family to take pictures, hahah!