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Friday, August 1, 2014

August goals

As its the 1st of August today i thought i would set up some goals for myself for this month, things which i might try thinking extra about. I think setting up goals is a great thing to do, you feel you know what you are working towards... and some people even like to reward themselves after say 4 weeks of working hard towards a goal. Im not really that type of person because the things that i work towards are my goals... if i reach that goal, then its my prize. Its my reward :)

So here are some things i want to think about and work extra hard towards this month:

  • Yoga and stretching. The past month i have done alot more yoga, stretching and foam rolling and its great. It really helps me, however i am limited to the amount of moves i can do due to my ankle (it no longer hurts but i feel some angles which i need to put it in for some stretches and yoga poses are hard to do).
  • Running. Only 15 more days until my 10km race....Im pretty sure i wont run it. And it hurts so much... i cant even explain. This race i have been looking forward to all summer, longing until the 16th August.... HOWEVER, i have barely tried running since i hurt my ankle. More a mental block rather than a physical block. (Or i tried running a few days ago and running 50m at a speed of 7,5km/hr was tough....) so 10km? I dont really think thats a good option. But if i work hard on practising running, getting the movement in you never know. And with lots of hoping, wishing and rehabilitation for my ankle and foot it might work.
  • Taking better care of my skin and hair.... I wish i was the type of person who took care of their hair and skin. I just dont feel motivated to do it... i feel lke my hair is a lost cause and my skin... well, i dont prioritize buying skin lotions and creams etc so i never really have any products. If you havea ny advice for dry hair or how to take better care of your skin, please tips!!! I feel i take care of my insides and also workout, but taking care of my outside... skin and hair is also part of the health package!!!!
  • BE NICER!! Hahaha, i dont know whether its hormones, the sun, tiredness etc but i feel like my bitch side has started coming out and i need to start being nicer ;) hahahah. Though i think its hormones!!! (#blameitallonhormones )
  • Not let my inbox pile up with emails... the past few weeks i havent really been so active on the whole emailing front so the emails have just piled up and sometime i feel that the more emails i get the less motivated i get to answer them. Its like school work... when you have 1 or 2 assignments, fine you can work through them. But when you suddenly have 6 assignments all at once you dont feel so motivated to actually begin because you feel like its just too much.
  • DO more things but at the same time rest up until school begins.... not waste my days, but i dont have to run a marathon each day either (JOKE!). I like spending all day at home somedays but when i do that 5 days in a row, its just a waste of my time and i dont feel rested. So spending a day at home and then the next 2 days out doing things with friends with family and then the next day a day at home etc... so doing things and also resting/relaxing :)
Those are some of my goals for this month!! Do you have any goals you want to achieve/share? :)


  1. I also have a very dry hair and my hairdresser told me to try this: mix together some greek/turkish yougurt and honey, (she said avocado might also work f.ex. with olive oil but I'm allergic to avocados so I tried the yoghurt version.), then rub it in your hair and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it out and shampoo+conditioner normally. For me it really worked, though it felt super weird! :D I think it might depend on your hairtype whether it's a good thing...also, it leaved my hair quite oily-looking so it's maybe good to do it when you're not going out or anything maybe during the weekend :) also, if my skin gets really dry I like to mix honey with sugar and use it as a face scrub, it leaves my skin so soft! :) I also have this great lotion from body shop which is called e-vitamin something, can't remember the full name but it coms in a light pink package :)

    1. Thank you so much for these tips :) I am going to try them both tonight!! Its always weird using food in your hair/on your face but my mum usually does it as well with things like oats, eggs, milk and coffee grounds etc

    2. No problem, I hope they work for you! coffee grounds sounds interesting, maybe I'll try that some day next week :)

  2. I have very similar goals! I need to get back to running after a long break! I just need to make sure I take it easy and not become overzelous. consistency is key for preparing your body for running and you can't force yourself to get back in running shape quickly, or injury/ overtraining is just around the corner. Running through pain is a no-no too. It takes patience but if you find it worth doing, it's worth doing right! ;)

    1. Exactly :) You need to work your way back up to your old stamina and endurance. It can be tough at times but with practise you'll be back to where you were before! Good luck!

  3. Hello Izzy I feel so excited about writing a comment on you blog (as it's the first time I have and I've been admiring you blog for ages)! Hope you are okay :) I use 'Auzzie' shampoo and conditioner and no heat (like hairdryers) on my hair! And get so many comments on my hair! (Not saying that in a self-centred way though!) Also I just use one moisturiser (and nothing else apart from basic bare minerals makeup and I use the moisturiser to remove my makeup!) it's called 'Aveeno' and I always get so many comments on my skin, despite previously having severe eczema. You may not be able to get these brands so if not I say just keep it simple! Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me, I'm sending you a big hug! Hope this is a little help to you :) xx