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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Answers - bloating

You say you are bloated but you don't look it at all? Your stomach is still flat :(

Ohhh the wonders of photoshop ;);) No im only joking!!! I would never use photoshop to change my body. However, thats the thing with bloating. It often feels and looks worse to yourself than to others... i mean ive had my sister say she is super bloated and i look at her and am just like, what?! No... have you seen me when i bloat?
    Though i personally feel that when i bloat its quite noticable because yes... my stomach is most of the time flat (though not really because im bloated 50% of the time usually!) but when i get one of those food babies, it looks Huge as seen in THIS video :)

But in general bloating always feels worse to yourself than to others... sometimes its not even noticable to others but you feel like you are 9 months pregnant. Thats like with spots or scars or anything, you feel like its the focus of everyones attention, the only thing you see in the mirror whilst others in reality barely notice it at all. And if they do, its not a big deal to them. We as humans naturally focus on the negative... find something we dont like and focus all attention on that. Instead of just accepting that yes... my belly is big and bloated at the moment or sure, i have spots but they will go away eventually. Im the only one who cares so much about them.

In the photos well... i guess its a good angle as well as light ;) But also that my bloating was mostly gone then as i hadnt eaten in several hours. But usually after eating my belly becomes big :)

Remember that it always feels worse to you than what it actually is!!!! :)


  1. Hey Izzy!!! :)
    I have just increased the size of my breakfast becasue i have increased activity, and i bloat afterwards. Does bloating after breakfast ever happen to you? Thanks!!
    -- Gracie <3

    1. Yeah i usually bloat after breakfast, though it depends what i eat. I find that if i eat dairy or alot of dairy in the morning i bloat more. But if i eat egg or oats im usually ok :) Its more during the evenings that i bloat! And well done for increasing :)

    2. Okay!! Thanks so much!!! :) Have a nice dayy!!

  2. hey izzy I bloat alot ( or so I think) I eat a lot of dairy so it might be the reason why. do you happen to know if dairy without lactose would make me bloat less?