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Friday, August 29, 2014

Answer - food comments

Izzy! Does it affect you in any way now when people comment on your eating (if this ever happens nowadays)?
Or did it have any impact you on you during your recovery?
I just cannot ignore such comments. Yesterday I was eating my favourite food and someone commented on it. And I became so desperate. Shouldn't I eat this salmon now just because someone asshole (sorry...) says that he has thrown up every time he has eaten fish in his life? Seriously, why don't people take into consideration that their words have a huge impact...especially in such a situation? Can you give me any advice on how to handle such occasions? Or how to forget his comment and enjoy eating fish again?

No i dont get affected by other peoples comments like that.... or at times i can. When i was younger if someone said something bad about a food i wouldnt eat it. And my sister soon found this out and began saying weird things about certain foods which i then began avoiding. At times, that sort of thinking.... not eating something because someone else isnt can come back. But i quickly get rid of the thoughts. (For example when my sister said that she thought she was gluten intollerant and wasnt going to eat bread, pasta, oats etc). But i reminded myself that i am ME, and this is my body. So what if she doesnt eat bread, i can still eat bread because i like it. Instead i should just feel sorry for her that she cant eat bread ;)

  Think like this... so what if he doesnt like fish, or it made him sick. Thats him and his body, just feel sorry for him, but also the fact that he has to state it that fish makes him sick. That ISNT a nice thing to do, whether you have had an ED or not. Nobody wants to hear things like that. 
its like when you are sitting at a table and you are going to get dessert and then you hear one person say Im on a diet, i dont need that type of food and the other person mentions that they ran 15km in the morning and think that they are worth a little slice of cake. (Force on the little).
 Those types of comments DO usually affect people. They begin thinking about themselves, their diet, their body. Oh wow, i didnt exercise today should i really eat some cake. Or, Maybe i should do the same as Y and also go on a diet, skip the cake.

But you need to think for yourself. Dont be a sheep (as i like to call them. People who just follow others, never make their own decisions). If you want to eat a certain food then eat it. If your friend/partner/family member says something about it or states that they dont like the food. Tell them to be quiet because you do.
   It can actually be good to confront and say upright to the person that Their comment was rude and unnecessary. I know this might be scary to some but it can be good for both You and the other person because it makes them think twice and maybe they wont comment again.
   If my family or friends ever saying anything bad such as Wow, how can you eat X thats so horrible. Or  I would never eat that type of food. or other negative associated comments. Then i tell them, i just mention that their comment wasnt necessary, especially not when someone else, or myself is about to eat that food.
  Keep that opinion to yourself.

Instead of taking those types of comments to heart, thinking that they were meant for you. Think of them logically... The person was merely stating that they dont like fish. They cant eat it.
  But YOU can, and if you enjoy it. Then eat it..... I mean otherwise nobody would eat anything because there is always someone who doesnt like something. 

I can often in the beginning get comments when i mention that i dont eat red meat and can get comments asking why or saying that vegetarian food is horrible etc etc But i just dont care. Because that is MY food choice. Just like someone elses choices to eat meat.
  So think of the food you eat as your food choices. Its what you WANT to eat, and what someone else eats or doesnt eat is THEIR choice. And just focus on yourself, not on what others eat or think about food. 

Know Your body and your tastebuds and cravings. Also remember that everyone is different, you Dont need to do what everyone else does. Be an individual :)


  1. Thank you so much, Izzy! I really needed your words. Sometimes I know what the rational reaction would be yet I cannot control my feelings.
    (I am sorry, I have also written you an e-mail about this thing, but you can just erase it without reading because it's actually the same thing and I don't want to take up too much of your time or drive you crazy with my stupid concerns. I know you have lots of e-mails and comments to answer and people need you help and advice!)
    But I am really grateful to YOU! As always:)

  2. Thank you for this post! :) Even people without eating disorders have to figure out how to deal with this. I was eating at a breakfast buffet at a summer camp, and I mixed cottage cheese with fruit and cinnamon. My friends were like, "EWWWWW! How could you eat that?" I'm proud to say that I just gave them a look and said, "Because I like it?"

    I have a friend whose really struggling with recovery right now. I really want to hang out with her, but I'm afraid that if we ever go out to eat or buy ice cream or something, she will compare herself to me. Like, if I'm not really hungry and don't finish a meal or really want that much ice cream, she will only eat as much (or less) than me, even if she wants more. I'm afraid to give her anxiety. How can I help her out?

    Thank you!