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Monday, August 11, 2014

10km run outside

If you dont like exercising or running talk... then just skip this post :)

This morning when i woke up i had this 50/50 feeling of whether i should run or not... but if im honest, thats how it is most mornings when ive decided to go for a run. If it isnt one of those days where i just cant wait to lace up my running shoes and go out running.
  I knew that i had to try run the distance and i dont want to do it too close to the race day and it was perfect running weather - not cold and not too warm. No sun, a little cloudy. So i got dressed but my thoughts went a bit like this....ill be lucky if i can even run 1km, ill most stop every 500m just to make it easier for me... maybe ill just walk. So in the beginning it was my mind against my body because once i started runnig i just flew forward!!
  The first km was a little tough, but the second and third it felt like i was flying forward, but after that it got a little slow again. My lungs were stopping me, i couldnt seem to breathe deep enough and had to take a few stops just to get a deep breathe but then after 5km the next 5km was like nothing at all. No stops, no having to try to breathe properly.... it was just super easy. But thats usually how it is for me... it takes like 4km for me to warm up and get into the right mode of runnign. Thats why i dont like 5km runs because its like then i only really properly run and let go of the whole 'running/struggling' bit, because my legs just take over... my mind taking a step back.
  The run went well and i finished in 59 minutes which i guess is a good time, under 60 minutes which is basically the only goal i have now. And also just as i got inside it started pouring rain...I always have luck with that :)

But on another note.... i am still undecided about actually running the race. My ankle started hurting a little during the run, it didnt stop me or anything, but it was an uncomfortable feeling. The fact is, my mind is 95% positive that i am going to run the race... but this isnt a decision my mind can make, its a decision for my body. Even if i can run the race with a little uncomfortableness in my ankle, its not a smart decision.... so i just need to rest my ankle the next few days, then take a short run on Thursday or something and then see.... i mean either i go or i dont, it doesnt matter so much to the people organizing the event as ive already paid and picked up my starter packet. So now its just to wait until the day before/day of the race before i make a decision.....Why must this be so tough?


  1. You're not alone! I have my first cross country meet coming up and I'm very out of shape compared to last year. But just think, you'll feel so good once you get back in the groove of running, and be really proud of what your body can do after you finish the race:)

    1. And you can always enter in a different, later race if you don't feel up to this particular one