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Monday, July 21, 2014

Things can only get better

Ok so this post might seem negative and be far from helpful. But something I've been thinking about is the quote or saying, things can only get better. I know i say that as well, but in all honesty, i hate that saying. Because that's not the truth. Because things don't always get better. In fact at times things have ti get worse until they do get better. And yes, this all sounds very demotivating right now... and that's not the point of my blog. But i also want to be honest.....

Life is tough, it's not easy. Nobody ever said it was...Bad things happen. And sometimes you wonder why everything bad happens to you. I've had times where I have just hit bursting point and began laughing at how crazy life is and wonder How it's even fair that everything bad happens to me. But that's not the case because negative things happen to everyone, all the time.

The fact is, things don't always just get better. Change is necessary.... sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom, however awful that sounds.

I dont even know what my aim of this post is... its just that I've been thinking about the saying things can only get better. And i dont agree with it.
  But just because things don't get better over night or they don't get better right away doesn't mean that they won't ever get better. Sometimes you just need a change.... to not just do the same thing everyday over and over and hope for something different to happen.

Stay strong everyone. Just because it's tough now doesn't mean it will always be that way.


  1. Things will get better only if YOU believe they will.....

    1. Exactly... though this post isnt towards myself, its for all of my readers. Its just what ive been thinking about :)

  2. It's more than good to be critical on what people nag as the greatest wisdom of the history. Improvent in happiness isn't always available, and if it could always only get better, there obviously would never be bad times at all, which is bs. I believe in strenght and persitance. Things may get better or worse and sometimes there is no one who knows what's up next. Then there are moments when it's Your responsibility for all of it, your choise, your shot to shake it up. But not always.

    Whatever it is, there should be no options but to stay focused and determined, and in an ideal world, rationalistic as well. To take genuine help when it's offered. To trust that at some point, after miles of downhill or as soon as you'll get to that balloon salesman down the street, there will finally, in the end, be a change to breath out and puff: "It's finally over."

    So no, it might be able to get worse too, but you've got to trust me: there are always better times somewhere ahead, just as well as worse times. That is what we call life, and if you're smart, you take it all out of those good moments and fortunate facts that you'll be graced with. Those things can come with time and possibly some effort.

    1. Very well written! And yes, persistance no matter how tough life is, is what will make things better. Because there will come a point when everything turns when things start to brighten up... 'You cant have a rainbow without a little rain ;:)' And after the storm comes the sun!