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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swedish food for hiking

I got asked in an email if i could make a post of some swedish food which would be good as she is going hiking (shes not from Sweden but shes going to hike here in Sweden). Food that is good to bring as snacks or to bring with you that is high density.
   As many want to know more about Swedish culture etc i thought it would also be a good oppertunity to make a post about it. But also foods that are more calorie dense and good to eat if you are away or doing alot of activity say on a sports day or going comping/hiking etc :)
  So im sure you can find products simliar to these in your stores :)

Ill begin with snacks!

Trail mix is KEY!! I always have a bag of trail mix with me whether im travelling, long car journey, lots of walking or just out in town (though i try to avoid eating nuts out in public due to allergies ;)). This is high in energy and perfect snacks to bring with you :) Buy bigger packs so they last!

Gainomax/protein drinks. You dont need to drink these just because you workout... they are simliar to Fortimel/supplement drinks so buy a few of these as they are easy to pack, last long and a good energy refiller :)

Protein bars - Just like protein drinks. A good way to get energy and even protein into you!

Questbars/bounch balls/atkins bars/gainomax bars/raw food bars - All good sources of energy and protein and simple to pack - however, these are all quite expensive. So pair them with some fruit, nuts and protein drinks!

Chocolate covered nuts  (So called Naturgodis) For when you get chocolate cravings or want something sweet! (otherwise pick and Mix or chocolate bars is good to pack with you :))

Flapjacks/sesame seed snaps - Good energy source :)

Bags of dried fruit - quick, easy to eat and simple to pack

Dried banana chips!

Bananas and fruit - quick to eat and its good to also get some 'fresh food' when you might need to eat alot of packaged foods.

Small packs of juice are also good ot bring with you :) unless of course you want soda or just water :)

Wasa sandwich (swedish thing) Its crisp bread with filling inbetween - good snack for on the go!

Risifrutti (i.e rispudding with jam) good for the first few day(s) as a snack

digestive biscuits - Or other biscuits :)

Cheesedoodles/crisps.... Because Yum?! Or root fruit chips which they have now begun selling here in Sweden!


Granola - i sometimes just eat a handful of this as a 'pre snack snack?!' at home. Alot better to eat granola if you are out and about and doing lots during the days :) Delicious as well (can pair with soy milk or soy yoghurt (which lasts longer than normal yoghurt!)

Brown/whole grain bread or crisp bread. Crisp bread is better to bring if you are hiking/away for more than 3 or 4 days. (If you buy the 'sports' ones they are more energy tight, so thats a better choice!)

Soy yoghurt for snacks and breakfast

Almond/soy milk

Cans of tuna or mackerel - perfect to bring with you (put mackerel on crips bread = delicious!)

Quorn products - if you have some type of way to heat them

Oats - if you can boil them... otherwise just as topping on soy yoghurt or with milk

Prepared meals .- if you can heat them? But they often crave microwaves.... Which im guessing you dont have when you're hiking?! :)

If you buy wraps or bagels they are good as lunch/dinner and maybe some pre sliced turkey/chicken/cheese.

There are lots of things you can bring with... everything from oat cookies to normal cookies, water, sausages, eggs (if you can cook them), oats, cereal, nuts, tinned food, canned beans, crisp bread, rice cakes, buns, beans etc etc :)
  This was what i could think of now and took swedish products!!!

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  1. thanks for the post I had forgotten about both wasa and p├ągen's products which I know from danish supermarkets + the delicious swedish trail mix :-)