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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sometimes i worry for our generation

Something ive been thinking about - so this will be a thoughts/ramble post! - is how our generation i.e the young people of today will be when we grow older.
  Everyone is so fixated on our looks, how our hair and make up and skin is. Whether we have a flat stomach, abs or our boobs arent saggy. We worry about the appearance of our legs, our stomach, our arms, our hair, our skin...... but when we're older whether we like it or not, wrinkles will appear. Grey/white hair will come. Our skin will sag, our stomachs not flat.... either you begin to sort of wither away or you start putting on the weight. Moving fast is no longer an option - though for many, it still can be! But in general i mean you do get a little weaker or slower (though now a days ive seen many 70+ people out running or even lifting weights ;))

But the fact is, all those things DONT HAVE TO MAKE YOU UNHAPPY OR UNPRETTY. I can look at some old people and just think how cute they are (in a non weird away of course!). I look at older people (im talking 75+) and wonder how they looked when they were younger, whether they looked different, if they miss their old bodies or the way they looked before.

I do have an emense fear of the future, infact its like i cant see anything above 30 years old. Sometimes i doubt ill live that long, not because ill kill myself or just scared of the future. And if i admit it, yes... im worried how i will be and look when im 60?Will i look back on these days, on the photos from now and feel a twinge in my belly that i dont look the same way then, that now people see me as an old lady? No longer that active and fit girl who had so much energy?
 Though of course that doesnt have to change! As long as i stay active and healthy and of course exercise for my age when i start getting alot older. I mean look at my mum (im not going to pos a picture ;)), shes 50+ and she doesnt look it. She does yoga everyday and when she has her yoga classes does yoga several times a day. Eats healthy, exercises, has lots of energy!! Infact i think she looks younger, more healthier and more active than some 40+ people ive seen ;)

But i do wonder how our generation will be when we get older... will we be highering 25 year old PTs to get us back into shape? Doing boob jobs and lip jobs? Maybe our skin will be so damaged from the sun and the tanning we've done that we all look like raisins?
   Maybe we'll all have these green/grey old tattoos covering our bodies, proud of our younger years!
Who knows... but as we as society are so fixed on appearance and when you get older - you dont necessarily have to have saggy skin etc but wrinkles and things like that and welll, older age.... you cant escape it. But i wonder if some will?

I think that as long as you take care of your body and mind when you are younger - eat right, exercise, sleep well, not too much stress, not too much alcohol or tobacoo then you shouldnt have to worry so much about those things when getting older. That your body will be well and hopefully you wont have many dentist or doctors appointments, that your bones are strong and you dont get soo much pain.

I personally hope that i will be an active exerciser, eat healthy, be happy, have children and grand children. Have lots of stories to tell them! And of course have a lovely partner, and my own house somewhere in nature... because when im older... i dont think im going to be living in the city ;)
I'm hoping that change of appearance and getting older wont knock me down too much, i mean thats part of life. You cant just be young and then give up, thats only 10% of life, what about the rest?!

Does the future scare you? What do you hope you will be like when you are c.a 70+ :)

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  1. While the invention of modern technology has been so great, I feel that it has contributed to our current problem with being obsessed with our looks. All we see on TV, magazines, online, etc. is beautiful celebrities, and photo shopped people, that if we don't look up to those standards we feel inadequate. I am lucky in the sense that I don't care too much about my appearance. I am very short, but I don't mind, and I am certainly not the prettiest and my thighs are pretty big, but I am alive, what more can I ask for? People have to get over wanting to look perfect because it will never happen and they will always be unhappy.
    I have seen a few angled pictures of your Mum and she looks so young! This means you'll probably look young when you're her age too! I am not afraid of the future or growing old, I find it all very exciting (:

    1. Exactly :) And dont say that, you are very pretty :) You should NEVER feel bad about your looks or your height or anything. You are perfect just the way you are :)
      Hahah, i sure hope so!! I wish i had that outlook on the future, but maybe some day i will feel the same!

  2. There's a woman in her late 60's who goes to our gym and does a few classes she's amazing! I think as long as you're happy then who really cares how old you are! I hope I can be in the gym at her age anyway. Although I do want to have a go on the mobility scooters old people use!

    1. Thats very true, there are a few older people at my gym as well who always amaze me. Even if they dont do much they are still there working for their level which is awesome :)
      hahaha, yes... well, when you're not at the gym then you can use the scooters ;) dont have to walk everywhere!!!

  3. I've had the same thought Izzy!
    But one day I went to the swimming pool and saw an old lady looking pretty good and fit, telling me she didn't have her driving license so she was using her bike to go everywhere, and she also enjoyed swimming a lot. I also have a yoga teacher who's 60 years old and have just A LOT of energy, she's stronger and fitter than me and always happy... So that's comfort me a bit, and allows me to think about becoming old in a positive way :)