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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Photoshoot & missing out on the party

Hello :)

Today was the party/mingle to celebrate my step dads birthday tomorrow so all day we have been busy preparing and fixing, however after lunch i got the worst cramps and standing up hurt so i had to go lie down in bed and curl up into a ball. Pull the covers overs my head and listen to a podcast & take 2 painkillers, but that didnt help. I lay there for 3 hours (didnt feel like it though) and it felt like somone had stuck knives into my stomach and were moving those knives around. I fell alseep for a while which atleast stopped the pain. However the guests arrived, a late lunch/dinner was eaten and dessert was about to be served when i woke up feeling a little better.
    So basically ive missed pretty much the whole party (??)... :( But i atleast got some photos of the cakes before they were eaten!!! And cake and lunch/dinner has been saved for me for when i feel i can eat which is good anyway :) :)

Though its a pity that i had to get cramps today... couldnt they wait until tomorrow :(

Before the cramps came i had a little photoshoot with my sister which is a good thing because im now back into a jumper and shorts and messy hair from when i fell asleep! So atleast photos of how i was supposed to look for the party are caught on camera anyway!!! :)

In the next post i will post all the cake pictures :) hahah


  1. love your dress and glad you are feeling better!! xoxo

  2. Cramps can be real bad. Though I haven't had them in such a long time, but they sure are painful. You look soo pretty in that dress!! Btw I was wondering if you got my email. I've been having computer problems. I know you have a lot of emails to reply to, a blog, a life haha! So that's probably why. I just wanted to make sure! :)

    1. Oh never mind, I got your email:)

    2. Thank you :) I havent been replying to emails so much this week... but ive replied to one of your emails anyway :)

  3. Do you buy all these clothes by your own? They look expencieve!

    1. Yeah i do. But this dress my mum bought for me last year for midsummer :)

  4. Hey,

    Your dress is pretty :) glad you feel better too :)

    I was just wondering are you still doing the answering random questions thing ?...... if you are I have 2 ..

    1) This is the serious question. I was classed as anorexic when I was younger and am still not goal weigh now. I do eat enough all the time just not always the extra I need to put on weight. I still have downy hair though especially on my arms. I was wondering if you had this when you were underweight and if it went away when you achieved goal weight ? I was thinking about shaving my arms but don't want it to be something I have to do all the time like shaving legs / I don't want to make more downy hair grow by doing this either.

    2) The less serious question ..... I'm just curious ... do you have a boiled egg peeler ? When you post pictures they look so ...perfectly egg shape mine always have chunks missing where I've peeled the shell off.

    1. Thank you :)
      Itn should go away... or become less noticable when you reach a healthy weight. The hair is to keep you warm but when you are a normal weight you dont really need it anymore.... whether it goes away or not, i dont know? I mean i still have fine hair on my stomach and that and i naturally have alot of hair on my arms... but i mean you could shave your arms, but then you would have to keep shaving the hair off... otherwise it will grow back black ;)

      No i dont... in most of the photos i post, the eggs arent peeled yet. But once the eggs are cooked i put them in cold running water which makes it easier to take the shell off ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, you are gorgeous! Seriously. I'm in love with that dress as well! Hope you're feeling better today :)